Industrial Electrical Systems

Course Aim

This practical hands-on course will develop a candidate’s competency to deal safely and efficiently with electrical and plant related issues at an introductory level.

Dates:              Wed 14th & Thurs 15th June, 2017

Venue:             Celbridge, Co. Kildare

Cost:                 ICBE member €700 non member €850


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Learning Objectives

  • The participants will learn how to wire up, test and operate a range of different electrical circuits on workboards provided using standard electrical components including circuit breakers, a three phase motor, circuit board and a multimeter test instrument .
  • Ensure that all cabling, connections and operating standards are met for each circuit.
  • Ensure that this competency yields a clear understanding of how electrical plant operates and is tested in industry.

Course Outline

    • Electrons
    • Diagrams
    • Circuits
    • Terminations
    • Cables
    • OHM’s Law
    • Multi-Meter
    • Series Circuit
    • Parallel Circuit
    • Electrical Safety ONE
    • MCB’s/Fuses
    • Power
    • RCDs
    • Electro-Magnetism
    • Transformers
          • Contactors
          • Stop/Start
          • Hold-On
          • Thermal-Overloads
          • Induction Motors
          • Motor Circuit Power
          • Motor Terminations
          • Grip-On Ammeter
          • Motor Testing
          • Brush Motors
          • Circuit Applications
          • Circuit Testing
          • Fault Finding
          • Electrical Safety TWO
          • 10 theory and practical tests throughout the two days
          • If you answer YES to the following questions below you may like to join our course:

      1. Would you like to develop a knowledge and understanding of AC and DC Electricity, their application and uses?

      2. Would you like to be more effective at work due to knowledge gained of how electrical systems operate?

      3. Would you like to gain a greater understanding of the principle of Electromagnetism for Generator effect or Motor effect?

      4. Would you like to improve your confidence by having a better appreciation of the importance of Electricity safety issues for safe and effective interaction with electricity?

      5. Would you like to apply theory gained into practical exercises involving resistors, lighting and motor circuits, using tools, meters and work-boards.?

      6. Are you interested in a review of best use of electrical energy, with overview of latest energy efficient appliances and drives?