Date: 11th October 2019 from 9.00am to 1.00pm

Location: Clayton Hotel Steamboat Quay Limerick

Cost: €200 Non-Member €160 ICBE Member


Programme Overview

This half-day training program is designed to introduce Managers and Engineers to consider the key reasons or causes for Human Error, with due consideration for how the brain functions.

Participants will learn the 4 High Level Categories of Human Error and the 12 subcategories that result in Human Error. In this highly interactive and engaging training program, participants will challenge their current thinking around Human Error and consider methods of preventing Human Error in the workplace. The program also provides participants with an overall strategy to deploy Human Error principles delivering primarily safety and quality improvements.



Learning Outcomes

The key learning outcomes from the program include:

  1. To define the Benefits of Human Error Prevention to an Organisation in terms of Safety and Quality
  2. To understand and describe the Fundamentals of how the Brain interprets information
  3. To define the 4 categories of Human Error (CODE) and their associated sub – categories that can be deployed into your quality and safety management system
  4. To define the elements of a Human Error Prevention Strategy for an organisation




Who is the course for

This programme is appropriate for any of the following roles

–        Leadership

–        QA Manager

–        QA Engineers

–        Design/Manufacturing/Safety Engineers

–        Safety and/or Environmental Managers

–        Anyone involved with or leading a Human Error preventative approach



1.      Introduction to Human Error Prevention – Objectives, Background and Benefits

2.      Comparison of the Traditional Approach to Human Error versus a Human Error Based approach to managing Human Errors

3.      Introduction to how the Brain works and linkage to Human Error

4.      Presentation of the CODE Error Types

5.      Four Reasons for Competency Errors with examples

6.      Four Reasons for Omission Errors with examples

7.      Four Reasons for Decision Errors with examples

8.      Four Reasons for Execution Errors with examples

9.      Workshop – Complete a case study to identify the CODE in action

10.   Strategic approach to Human Error Prevention



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