Date: Wednesday, March 9th

Time: 9.30am -1.00 pm

Location: Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Naas Road, Dublin 22

Facilitated by JJ O’Riordan


Click to view:  Sustainability of The High Performance Manager Program

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We plan to have this High Performance Management Training program ready for roll out to all ICBE member companies in 2016.

The objective of this session is to flush out content of the High Performance Training Program previously discussed
(a middle management leadership development framework that delivers high performance manager

If you or one of your colleagues is interested in attending,  please contact Grainne at or 061-423622



After an initial Leadership Development Working Discussion in February 2015, the Irish Centre for Business Excellence invited member companies to a forum in June 2015 to explore their requirements for High Performance Management Training within their respective organizations.

The aim of this forum was to co-create a universal National High Performance Management Development Program that would meet the requirements for all Management Development within their respective organizations. Despite the diversity of organizations represented, the management development program requirements expressed by each organization identified some very common themes

Proposal for a National High Performance Management Development Program

The current proposal is that the National High Performance Management Program will consist of the following four core modules – with each module being of one day in duration.

Module 1: The Characteristics of High Performance Managers

Module 2: Managing Performance through the power of Crucial Conversations

Module 3: Coaching Skills for Managers to increase Delegation and Empowerment.

Module 4: The Secrets to Creating High Performance Teams

Optional Modules may include:

Module 5: Managing Change

Module 6: Emotional Intelligence – EQ: Why it matters as much as IQ

Optionally, professional one-to-one coaching can be provided after each module to support each program participant to integrate and apply the module learnings to the unique challenges within their organizational management role.