Date: Wednesday 18th November and Wednesday 25th November

Location: Shannon

Trainer: BSPPartners


Programme Overview
2 day programme with workplace assignment covering; Purpose of Standardised Work Importance of Preconditions Standardised Work Tools including Standard Work Chart and Standard Work Combination Chart How to develop Standardised Work How to manage Standardised Work How to write Standardised work instructions A theoretical exercise will be completed in the workshop on the first day. Participants will complete an exercise in their workplace between the two workshops These will each be reviewed and finalised in the second workshop as the learning exercise.
Programme Objectives
Train the participants in the theory and application of Standard Work
Participants will have studied the theory, completed a theoretical exercise and completed a “real workplace” exercise.
They will have course materials, templates and actual worked example to use as the basis for further application
Target Audience
Middle Management, Shop Floor Supervisors and other employees responsible for developing or managing Standardised Work
Programme Content
Day One
Theory – covering the components listed in the overview
Interactive completion of a prepared exercise to complete the Standard Work Chart (SWC) and Standard Work Combination Chart (SWCC)
Participant Assignment
Completion of SWC and SWCC in their own work place on real life processes.
Day Two (two weeks later)
Workshop review of the participant SWC and SWCC assignment.
Interactive discussion on each one, the methodologies applied and the problems encountered.
Mentoring on the completion of the charts to the required standard.
Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience

I would propose any of the following of our team members, depending on the dates and individual availability.
Niall Tuite
Eddie O’ Neill
Maurice O’Brien
Their profiles are attached.