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Date: 29th February & 1st March

Cost: €1,495

Location: Irish Aviation Authority | The Times Building | 11-12 D’Olier Street | Dublin 2


Programme Overview

Course Overview: The workshop is designed to demonstrate the benefits of best practice in Excel modelling by building an aircraft lease model in stages showing how the financial theory can be integrated into the modelling framework. In particular the workshop builds the individual cash flows and calculates the returns and provides clear reporting and analysis.

Programme Objectives

By attending this practical 2day training course, you will: Featuring: Practical and interactive case studies Training Objectives: This 2day workshop explores: The workshop is highly practical and involves building a complete model. Delegates construct the model in stages starting with a basic template and working through each of the sections.

Target Audience

Financial analysts Aircraft analysts CFO’s Financial controllers Analysts Credit managers Risk managers Corporate finance staff


Programme Content

Day 1 Lease Modelling and Pricing Day 2 Risk and Reporting Module 1 Introduction and Overview Outline of financial modelling for leasing Examples of Excel financial models Common modelling errors Model design and structure Exercise: Defining a model plan for a leasing model Module 2 Financial Mathematics and Pricing Basic concepts Interest rates Time value of money Net present value and internal rates Review of pricing theory Calculating lease NPV and IRR Cost of capital Return measures Exercise: transforming course model into a pricing model Module 3 Cash Flow 1 Rental inputs Rental cash flow Exercise: calculating revenue Module 4 Cash Flow 2 Financing Effect of residual values Adding maintenance reserves

Calculating final cash flow with and without reserves Exercise: completing lease cash flow Questions and answers Module 5 Initial Results Net present value Internal rates Modified rates Exercise: producing single point answers Module 6 Risk and Sensitivity Excel sensitivity techniques Examination of key model drivers Quantification of risk Exercise: adding sensitivity to course model Module 7 Targeting and Reporting Goal Seek Solver Optimisation methods Exercise: checking and improving model outcomes Model completion Questions and answers Course summary and close


Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience

Alastair Day Is a finance professional with extensive experience of treasury and funding activities, risk and portfolio management, business analysis, accounting, taxation and documentation. In 1983, Alastair joined Technology Group Limited (TGL) where he established the treasury function and organised individual transaction funding together with installing rental receivable and administrative systems for this rapidly expanding leasing company. In addition, he designed business systems for performance analysis, pricing, deal structuring and evaluation. As a director of TGL, Alastair was also responsible for managing marketing teams and establishing relationships in new areas and products. The company grew rapidly and the directors negotiated a sale to a PLC in 1988. In 1990, Alastair established Systematic Finance plc as an independent lessor and financial consultancy. At Systematic, he has conducted consulting and contracting assignments on data analysis, portfolio management, debt collection, budgeting and reporting systems. In addition, Alastair works as a consultant with Euromoney Lease Training designing and delivering tailored courses covering accounting, taxation, pricing, lease evaluation and financial modelling.

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