Overcoming Distractions when Working From Home

ICBE Lunchtime Bite-Sized Webinar
Starting at 1pm – Thursday, June 4th
Carrie Budds, Workplace/Digital Wellness Consultant, Founder, Quokka Wellness, Health & Wellness Training

30 Minute Webinar (followed by Q&A)
Contact alison@icbe.ie or 061-423622 to book your place

Free Webinar – funded by ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet

Many of us are struggling to stay focused with working from home at the moment. 
This workshop will demonstrate a number of practical strategies that can support you to overcome distractions and regain focus.

Our current Working From Home situation has left a lot of us in a situation of multitasking, firefighting and being completely distractable.  This can have a real impact on our wellbeing, and our ability to do our work to a level we are used to. The good news is that there are strategies available that can help us to be “Indistractable“.

We will end the session with Q&A to give you an opportunity to ask Carrie any questions.

Closer to the date we will send you a link to Zoom that you can access via your smart phone or computer. Full instructions will be provided then, but you will need a headset and good broadband internet connection.

Carrie Budds
Workplace Wellness consultant @Quokka Wellness supporting workers to be happy, healthy & productive in our digital age.
Carrie is a qualified & experienced Workplace Wellness consultant in her company Quokka Wellness. She has a background as a Health & Wellness professional combined with 10+ years experience working in the IT sector.
She is passionate about helping employees to stay happy, healthy and productive in our digital age.

Quokkas are believed to be the happiest animals in the world, and that is my vision for Quokka Wellness.
Carrie helps companies to maximise the productivity and engagement of their talent, while improving retention and reducing stress-related absenteeism.
She does this by providing workshops and training programs empowering employees to control their digital environments.
Website: https://quokkawellness.com/