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Management Excellence Program

Dates :  23rd & 24th November 2017

Cost: €550 based on 8 attendees

Location:  Shannon

A bespoke Management Development Program to support Managers to Create Environments where every Team Member Collaborates and Volunteers their Best Contribution in the Achievement of all Critical Business Objectives.

Program Background

The underlying principle of this Management Excellence Program is that High Performance Managers create High Performance Teams and the aim of this program is to offer participants all the latest thinking and techniques to become even more effective Managers. This is a proven program that has been delivered many times to managers in Europe, the US and in Asia. Quoting feedback from one past participant… “This has been the most enjoyable, most practical and most impactful Management skills development program that I have completed todate. This program is a perfect balanced of the latest Management Theory and skills development through practice”


Program Deliverables

This Management Excellence Program will provide the following quantifiable business benefits:

  1. A measurable improvement in the competencies of the program participants
  2. Greater application of Coaching Skills by the Managers to empower their team members to even higher levels of engagement and personal empowerment
  3. Participants will be provided with the latest theory and skills of having Courageous Conversations so that any sub-standard performance at their team member level can be addressed in a timely and effective manner.
  4. The participants of this Management Excellence Program will be provided with the theory and opportunity to develop advanced conflict resolution skills to empower them to quickly and effectively address individual and / or group conflict
  5. The skill of staying focused on the critical business variables to enable the delivery of the Business Priorities on time and in full will also be explored as part of this program.


Program Return on Investment Measurement

A participant survey will be conducted at the beginning of this two day program and will be re-run at the end of this program to quantify the participant learning that has taken place during this program. Optionally, the survey can be rerun approximately three months later to determine the longer term impact of this Management Excellence Program.

 Management Excellence Workshop – Day 1


Detailed Content:

Module 1 The Characteristics of High Performance Teams. The Characteristics of High Performance Teams will be explored in this session and the participants will also be provided with the opportunity to complete an assessment to determine the current level of performance of their own team. The impact of the Manager’s personal leadership style on the level of performance of their team will also be discussed in this first module.
Module 2 Time Management is not the Issue …. It’s Lack of Focus on Priorities! This module addresses the critical need for managers to stay focused on the important critical few priorities and not get derailed by the constant demands of the urgent day-to-day tasks. Research has shown that organizational issues that typically get categorized as ‘Time Management’ issues can be more accurately categorized as lack of focus on the critical few key priorities. This module will show how identifying and staying focus on the critical few important business priorities resolves the vast majority of traditional time management issues.
Module 3 Managing Performance through the Power of Courageous Conversations. A manager’s ability to manage poor performance is critical because if left unaddressed, the poor performance is perceived to be the acceptable level of performance. The ability to hold difficult conversations is critical to effective supervision and in this module, the participants will be provided with the latest leadership material on how to navigate their way through difficult conversations so that they achieve their desired outcome. The facilitator will demonstrate how to have a courageous conversation and will then provide each participant with the opportunity to practice having a real and challenging conversation.
 Management Excellence Workshop – Day 2


Detailed Content:

Module 4 Professional Coaching Skills for Managers. In this opening session of the second Professional Development Workshop, the participants will be offered a practical framework for effective coaching in the workplace. The advantages of taking a coaching approach to team member development and team member empowerment will also be explored. The key skill of Active Listening will also be development as part of this Coaching session. The facilitator will give a demonstration of effective coaching in the workplace and each participant will be provided with the opportunity to practice having a coaching conversation.
Module 5: Transforming Team Conflict into Team Collaboration. Highly effective managers have the ability to transform conflict into sources of innovation and creativity. In this final session of this workshop, participants will be invited to complete an internationally accredited Conflict Styles questionnaire so that they can increase their own awareness of how they can manage and deal with conflict situations in a more effective manner.


“This Management Development Program provides many opportunities to improve aspects of your daily management role. Through examples intertwined with the theory, the key principles of highly effective management are reinforced and you’re left with a tangible toolset that you can use every day. This is a very beneficial program for new managers as well as experienced managers who are looking for a fresh perspective or who want to evaluate their current management approach again best practice”

 Joe, Engineering Manager, Avaya


The course was well balanced and there were lots of group contributions and discussion”

Claire, Training Manager, ICECube


“This course was very insightful and helpful in understanding management approaches and styles in different situations. The examples and scenarios really reinforced the key messages of this Management Development Program.

                                                       Emer, Senior Manager Research and Development, Avaya


“Excellent program with very relevant material to my current management position. I feel that this course has given me the confidence to challenge performance in situations where I was previously lacked the courage to do so”           Padraig, Process Engineer, Abbott Ireland


“The course met all of my high expectations and was presented this course in a concise, clear and highly engaging way. Great examples and real life situations were used throughout which made this management development program easy to relate to and it motivates the participants to implement back in the workplace”                                        Emma, Merit Medical


“I found this program to be very useful and well-focused. It dealt comprehensively with all key areas of management and in particular in the difficult area of conflict resolution and having difficult conversations. I would definitely recommend to any manager who is seeking to develop their own management skills”                                     Rory, Barclay Chemicals


“Truly excellent program…. practical and highly relevant in the workplace and elsewhere”                                                                                                          Ian, Barclay Chemicals

“To come to a management development program and to have all of your objectives met is very unusual. This program exceeded my expectations.” Declan, Lake Region Medical


“Brilliant delivery of material. There was a balanced delivery of material with exercises to reinforce learnings and to ensure full participation from all the course participants.”

Paul, Cook Medical


“I found the content and delivery of the material both relevant and practical with the experiential exercises to be exceptionally insightful. I would recommend this course to any people managers.”                                                                                Ger, Baxter Healthcare


“One of the best courses that I have attended to date. I will be recommending the benefits of this course to my HR Manager”                                                  Derek, Baxter Healthcare