9.30am -11am
Thursday, November 28th

Hosted by Analog Devices, Limerick
€100 Charity Donation to Jigsaw National Centre for Youth Mental Health

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Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials now all share an office with a fresh crop of 20-something new hires. It’s tough to manage a team of newly minted professionals and build a collaborative workforce with so many different styles and preferences, but now is the best time to discover the secrets for working with this unique, young crowd.
Remember, they’re not better, not worse – just different.

Discover the key differences between the generations and the defining moments that rocked their world and shaped their behaviours at work.  Identify common workplace tendencies and learn tips to help assimilate 20-somethings to a team of tenured professionals.  The innate variations in generational attitudes will be identified by introducing the “Old School” versus “New School” mindset when it comes to feedback, motivation, promotions, patience, flexibility, and more.

  • Understand the historical and societal trends that shaped each generation
  • Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of every generation
  • Set and meet the expectations of high-achieving employees
  • Motivate and inspire team members to boost job performance
  • Create a work environment that is structured but empowering
  • Identify what traditional managerial techniques work and which ones do not

Facilitator:  Huma Qazi is a knowledgeable HR leader with 20 years of international experience in the oil & gas industry. During her corporate career, Huma was responsible for a variety of global roles related to learning & development, global resourcing, mobility & international re-structuring. She has experience developing international employer brands, employee engagement & setting up new businesses. Huma specialises in delivering programs related to culture change, diversity & inclusion, leadership & people strategy solutions. She is a certified NLP Practitioner & is regularly invited by educational institutions, networking groups & organisations, to speak & chair panels. Huma is based in London and represents JB Training Solutions for client needs based in the UK & Europe.