Cost: €195 Member; €250 Non Member (per person)  Skillnet funding applied

Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm

Dates: Monday, January 20th

Location: Galway


This Managing Meetings course has been designed to give learners the skills needed to structure workplace meetings so as to maintain focus, avoid wasteful conflict, and deliver concrete, measurable results, ensuring that effective meetings are achieved every time.

This 1-day course has been designed to teach you the importance of preparing for meetings, techniques for structuring meetings professionally, what needs to be recorded and how to ensure that everyone leaves the meeting with a very clear outline of the next steps/actions.

This workshop aims to take the pain out of meetings and introduce the principles and techniques involved.  The workshop is highly participative and will focus on providing an opportunity for participants to practice the skills needed to chair/or contribute effectively to meetings.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, each learner will be able to:

  • structure and conduct meetings to achieve objectives and avoid wasting time
  • identify, understand and apply the PPCM approach
  • encourage contributions from all participants
  • develop communication skills and efficiently conduct professional meetings
  • deal with difficult situations or members
  • over the difficulties caused by technology in meetings


Efficient Meeting Preparation

  • Identifying the different types of meetings
  • Isolating the common problems and difficulties that occur in meetings
  • Structuring the various phases of the meeting
  • Identifying clearly the role and responsibilities of the chairperson
  • Adopting the appropriate tone and strucrue

Leading Effective Meetings with PPCM

  • Pertinence: what the purpose is, other possibilities of meeting people
  • Preparation: clarifying and communicating the agenda, topics, duration, commitments, logistics
  • Conduct: the techniques to lead and involve the team in the meeting
  • Measure: who should draw up the minutes of the meeting

Conduct a Meeting Effectively

  • Using various techniques to make people interact with each other
  • Dealing with problematic attendees
  • Controlling flow and time
  • Encouraging participation from all attendees
  • Technology in Meetings