Microsoft Excel Introduction

DATE: Tuesday, 13th June, 2017

TIMES: 9.30am – 4.30pm

LOCATION: Castletroy, Limerick

COST: €90 per member €120 non member (funding applied/regular cost is €180.50 per person)
(Courseware Manual / Certificate and Lunch & Light Refreshments Included in price)


This Microsoft Excel Introduction training programme is of interest to those who want to gain a comprehensive overview of the basic features of Microsoft Excel.   No prior knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required, however an experience of basic computer and keyboard skills would be an advantage.

Using Excel

• Starting the Excel program

• What is the Active Cell?

• The Excel cell referencing system

• Entering numbers and text

• Default text and number alignment

• Summing a column of numbers – this should be moved to formulas

• Entering a date

• Saving a workbook

• Closing a workbook and exiting the Excel program

• Creating a new workbook

• Opening a workbook

• Switching between workbooks

• Saving a workbook using another name

• Saving a workbook using a different file type

• Getting help within Excel


Manipulating rows and columns

• Inserting rows into a worksheet

• Inserting columns into a worksheet

• Deleting rows within a worksheet

• Deleting columns within a worksheet

• Modifying column widths

• Automatically resizing the column width to fit contents

• Modifying row heights


Manipulating cells and cell content

• Copying a cell or range contents within a workbook

• Deleting cell contents

• Moving the contents of a cell or range within a workbook

• Editing cell content

• Undo and Redo

• Copying data between worksheets (within the same workbook)

• Moving data between worksheets (within the same workbook)

• Moving data worksheets (in different workbooks)

• Copying data between worksheets (in different workbooks)

• AutoFill

• Searching and replacing data


• Switching between worksheets

• Renaming a worksheet

• Recommended techniques with naming worksheets

• Inserting a new worksheet

• Deleting a worksheet

• Copying a worksheet within a workbook

• Moving a worksheet within a workbook

• Copying or moving worksheets between workbooks


Font formatting

• Font formatting options

• Font type & Font size

• Bold, italic, underline formatting

• Cell border formatting

• Formatting the background colour

• Formatting the font colour


Alignment formatting

• Horizontally aligning contents in a cell range

• Centring a title over a cell range

• Cell orientation

• Text wrapping within a cell

• Format Painter










Number formatting

• Number formatting

• Decimal point display

• Applying and removing comma style formatting

• Currency symbol

• Date styles

• Percentages



• Freezing row and column titles



• Creating formulas

• Copying formulas

• Operators

• Using operators in formulas

• Formula error messages

• Relative cell referencing within formulas

• Absolute cell referencing within formulas



• What are functions?

• Common functions

• Sum function

• Average function

• Max function

• Min function

• Count function

• The COUNTA function

• The COUNTBLANK function

• The IF function



• Inserting a chart

• Resizing a chart

• Deleting a chart

• Chart title or labels

• Changing the chart background colour

• Changing the column, bar, line or pie slice colours in a chart

• Changing the chart type

• Modifying the chart

• Copying and moving charts

Customising Excel

• Modifying basic Excel options

• Minimising the Ribbon

• AutoCorrect options


Setup & Printing Issues

• Worksheet margins

• Worksheet orientation

• Worksheet page size

• Headers and footers

• Scaling your worksheet

• Displaying gridlines when printing

• Printing titles on every page when printing

• Printing the Excel row and column headings

• Spell checking

• Previewing a worksheet

• Viewing workbooks side by side

• Zooming the view

• Printing options


Training Provider: Optima Training