Operational Risk and Compliance

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Operational Risk and Compliance


Date: 2nd May 2018

Location: Chartered Accountants Ireland Dublin

Cost: €550


Programme Overview

 Learning Outcomes

At the end of the session/module participants will be able to:

·        Explain operational risk and compliance in context of management structure

·        Understand operational risk/compliance as an element of an Enterprise Wide Risk management framework

·        Understand operational risk and compliance frameworks

·        Explain Stress testing and scenario analysis in an operational risk context

·        Understand operational risk frameworks

·        Understand compliance risk management

·        Understand the importance of risk culture


·        What is operational risk/compliance risk?

·        Definition and categorisation of operational risks

·        Principles for the sound management of Operational Risk and compliance

·        Measuring operational risk

·        Elements of an effective operational risk/compliance management framework

·        Managing operational risk - sound practice guidelines

·        Business continuity planning/outsourcing/IT cyber risk

·        Risk culture

·        Risk appetite


Programme Objectives


To develop an understanding of operational risk and compliance risk and how they are applied in industry

To understand the key elements of an operational risk management framework

To understand sound practices for managing operational risk

To understand the key elements of a compliance management framework

To understand sound practices for managing compliance risk


Target Audience

Finance and non finance professionals

Risk management professionals


Programme Content

Outlined in the learning objectives

Delivered through in class face to face lectures

Using case studies and pre reading material

Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience

Clive Kelly

CBI PCF approved chief risk officer/Ceo/Head of compliance/INED

President of ACOI

Former CRO of largest regulated entity in Irish state and largest single regulated insurance co in EU

Author lecturer examiner on level 7-9 NFQ courses in risk compliance and FS at UCD

Author of textbooks on both risk management and compliance


Chartered insurer