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Date: 9am – 5pm  Thursday, November 10th 2016

Location : Clayton Hotel, Galway

Cost: €295 Member €350 Non Member (Skillnets funding applied)


This is an intensive practical programme involving role play/facilitated discussions, the objective being to apply the skills and techniques learned, thus encouraging self- analysis and awareness and developing an individual development plan.   Attendee numbers are limited to allow role play and interactivity – this is an intensive practical programme

The purpose of this programme is to enhance participants’ self-awareness and to provide a level of training that facilitates their ability to communicate effectively. This programme will give participants the skills and expertise necessary to perform effectively to consistently high standards.

At the end of this programme participants will:

  • Have a structured approach in communicating their message
  • Be better equipped to analyse and enhance their own communication ability
  • Have an enhanced understanding and ability to listen actively
  • Have greater confidence to apply skills and techniques learned to further develop themselves.

Programme duration:   One day     Number of participants:   Six to eight participants

Personal Effectiveness

  • Enhancing self-awareness
  • Directing Self – Controlling reactions, interactions, impressions and outcomes
  • Setting personal development goals
  • The importance of Emotional Intelligence

Communication Skills

  • Developing clear communication objectives
  • Establishing the real needs/issues of the person you are talking to
  • Preparing your message and approach when communicating
  • How we misinterpret people – Making sure others have understood you
  • Questioning skills – questioning methodology to gain key information
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal components of communication
  • Communicating your message clearly and succinctly
  • How we are perceived, misinterpreted, misunderstood due to our behaviour

 Listening Skills

  • The theory, importance and power of listening actively to others
  • Listening capabilities – personal assessment
  • Ensuring empathy with the person
  • Recognising inhibitors – Guidelines to achieving active listening


Approach and Methodology

Training is provided in a relaxed, comfortable environment, which allows participants to contribute freely and to share their own experiences and feelings to the benefit of the entire group. Participants are encouraged to examine the relevance of the course to their own particular roles and to identify means through which the skills acquired can be applied in their own circumstances. This approach is successful in creating and maintaining a high level of participant interest and helps to ensure a more fruitful outcome as a result.

This is an intensive practical programme involving role play/facilitated discussions, the objective being to apply the skills and techniques learned, thus encouraging self- analysis and awareness and developing an individual development plan.

During the programme, delegates will be asked to relate real life situations to analyse their successes and areas for development. These case studies will be analysed by the group with the emphasis being on allowing them to discover, under guidance of the tutor, the key elements of successful communication in the situations under review.


This programme comprises of:

Pre Programme briefings and preparation – Briefings will take place with participants prior to the programme to ensure full value is achieved

Pre Course questionnaires – Pre course questionnaires to be completed in advance of each course to highlight the priority areas individuals need to address

Programme Delivery – Course is highly intensive with the participants being involved in a series of videotaped exercises, facilitated discussions and expert tutor input

Personal Action Plan – Participants will devise a personal action plan following the programme outlining the skills areas they will work on 

On-going programme support  – Participants are free, throughout and after the programme, to contact Vision Communications, regarding any element of the programme they would like to discuss further

Post Programme follow up and evaluation – Following the programme, Vision Communications will conduct a follow up evaluation of the programme and will provide advice and suggestions where necessary.


Trainer:  Mary Groarke, Vision Communications

Following each programme, a comprehensive evaluation of the training is also provided to ensure objectives were achieved and the business needs were met and delivered.  This value-for-money approach is particularly suited to companies that understand the role and benefits of training and coaching and for the need to achieve a measurable return for any training investment.

This training is also available as an in-company programme, with the option of a 1:1 with individual and the individual’s manager before the programme & a follow-up 1:1 with the manager post training to evaluate effectiveness.  Contact for more details.