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Cost: €195

Date: 12th October 2016

Location: Limerick


Programme Name

Practical Productivity using MS Outlook


Programme Overview

Our “Practical Productivity” training course will provide participants with a simple, practical and workable solution to managing their workload and time more effectively.

This is not a standard Time Management training course. Although we cover ‘Time Management Best Practice’ at the beginning of the day, the emphasis is placed on the practical application of that theory using Microsoft Outlook as the tool.

Initially a customisation process of MS Outlook is completed. Then simply by changing the way you use Outlook on a daily basis will allow you to take control of email and prioritise work effectively. Learn how to prioritise, set, manage and achieve realistic goals & tasks you set for yourself. Learn how to share information with other users and work more effectively as a group.


Programme Objectives

This program has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively use Outlook as your organisational tool.


In short the course will:

• Allow you achieve an empty inbox each day.

• Provide you with an organised system that will help you work more effectively on a daily basis.

• Enable you to schedule realistic days and provide you with a reliable method of storing and prioritising work so enabling you to act on or follow-up on a f work in a timely manner.


Target Audience

The Practical Productivity using MS Outlook course is suitable for anyone who would like a practical time and workload management solution that can immediately be implemented on return to the office.


Programme Content

Time Management Principles

 You can’t create time, but you can schedule it!

 Setting Goals & Prioritising

 Tips for getting started

 Break it down

 Prioritise – Important vs. Urgent

 Managing time – Interruptions etc.

 Work Smarter – Communicate & Delegate

 Time Stealers – What are yours

 Top 10 – Time Management Best Practice

Overview of MS Outlook Basics

 Shortcuts & Speed Keys

 Changing View Preferences

 Navigating through mail quickly

 Selecting & Forwarding Multiple Messages

 Creating and using signatures

 Use AutoText for frequently used text

Customise MS Outlook

 Change Default settings to ensure Outlook is working for you.

Working with your Personal Calendar and Tasks

 Using the Calendar & Tasks together as your planner

 Creating Personal Tasks / To-Do’s

 Prioritising Tasks

 Re-dating Tasks

 Recurring Tasks

 Inserting Hyperlinks

 Marking Tasks Complete / Moving completed tasks

 Categorising Tasks

 Creating / Editing / Deleting Calendar Entries

 Printing the Calendar (workable format)

 Add Colour to your calendar

Working with email

 Act Now! – Apply the 4 D’s to your email.

 Manage workload by creating tasks directly from email.

 Keep a record – Working with Folders

 Follow-up on Sent Items

 Creating Rules to act on Incoming and / or Outgoing Mail

 Mailbox Full? – Create a Personal Folder File

Working with your Address Book

 Adding / Editing / Deleting Contacts

 Add Sender to Address Book / Gather other contact information from an E-mail

 Creating Groups (Distribution Lists)

 Use contacts to store frequently accessed information.

Working with others / Data Collaboration


 Using the Out of Office Assistant

 Scheduling Meetings with others

 Delivery Options for Meeting Invitations

 Respond to Meeting Invitations

 Cancel / Re-Schedule Meetings

 Sharing your calendar / opening other user’s calendars

 Accessing Group Calendars

Trainer Profile Qualification & Relevant Experience

Marieanne O’Driscoll – Director (E-Bridge Training Limited)

 MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Instructor – Office 2003

 MCAS (Microsoft Certified Application Specialist) – Office 2007

 MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Instructor – Office 2010 / 2013

 MMI TT – Microsoft Master Instructor – Train the Trainer Certification

 JEB (Joint Examining Board) – Teachers Diploma in Information Technology

 IMI Master Trainer Diploma (FAS Recognised)

 Director of e-bridge since 2001

 Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

 Development of new customised and blended training programmes

 Manages team of trainers to ensure consistency through constant training and upskilling.


Training Company Name and Website 

LorraE-Bridge Training Ltd.                        W: www.e-bridge.ieine O’Connor –Senior Trainer

 Teacher Training Diploma in ICT Skills (JEB – Joint Examination Board Certificate)

 MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Instructor – Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2013

 MMI TT – Microsoft Master Instructor Train the Trainer Certification

 ECDL Teachers Training Teachers Certificate


Aileen Leahy – Senior Trainer

 MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Instructor – Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013

 Train the Trainer Diploma – IITD (Institute of Training and Development)

 Co-ordination and delivery of customised and bespoke training programmes Diploma in Media – DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology)

 Project management

 Diploma in Marketing – IMI (Irish Marketing Institute)

 BA Hons Degree – UCC (University College Cork)


Sinead Goggin – Senior Trainer

 MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) Master Instructor – Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013

 Microsoft Expert Certification

 FETAC Level 6 – Train the Trainer

 Bachelor of Multimedia – CIT (Cork Institute of Technology)

 Diploma in Marketing – IMI (Irish Marketing Institute)

 Project management

 Co-ordination and delivery of customised and bespoke training programmes

 Sales, marketing and customer relationship management