Presentation Skills- Present and Express with Confidence

DATES: Thursday, 2nd May 2019

TIME: 8.30am – 4.30pm


COST: €185 Members / €245 Non-Member

Program Overview

This one day Present and Express with Confidence program takes the fear out of presentations, public speaking, meetings and one to one conversations by furnishing participants with a toolset guaranteed to improve their approach. This program focuses on structure, content, audience, presenter competency, visual aids and practical demonstration.

Please note: this is not a PowerPoint presentation program.

One day  (max 8 participants) Attendee numbers are limited to allow practical interaction

Program Objectives

  • Explore presenter perception
  • Structure presentations in a logical order
  • Perform audience stakeholder analysis
  • Develop strategies for dealing with the audience and questions
  • Control confidence
  • Visualise success
  • Utilise visual aids
  • Plan a presentation taking structure, content, audience, visual aids, presenter competency into consideration
  • Complete practical presentation exercise

Target Audience

This program is suitable for anyone who wants to improve competency presenting and expressing thoughts and ideas with confidence

Program Content

Present and Express with Confidence


  • Welcome
  • Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Ground rules
  • Gap analysis



  • Word association game
  • Presenter perception
  • Picture perfect team exercise
  • Past experience
  • Presentation dissection assessment
  • Presentation dissection analysis and discussion


  • Maps and DETOURs
  • Team exercise – structure


  • Choosing the right questions
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Non participation/ Disgruntled attendees

Dealing with questions

You as the presenter

  • Body language, Eye Contact, Voice, Pace, Tone, Pauses, Movement
  • Image
  • Humour
  • Controlling ‘The Jitters’
  • Visualisation
  • Poetry in motion
  • Anecdotes and story telling

Let’s do it

  • Audience analysis exercise
  • Step by step preparation
  • Practical demonstration
  • Feedback


  • Questions and answers
  • Review of the day
  • Knowledge check
  • Evaluation

Training Provider

Michelle Dinneen – Ardin Career Development

Michelle holds a Masters in Human Resource Leadership, is a Master Trainer and has over 15 year’s experience in Operations and HR training in a multinational environment.

Michelle specialises in creative and innovative programme design, customisation and delivery.

Michelle’s energy, enthusiasm and rapport building training style combined with interactive participant activities ensure an educational and an enjoyable learning experience for all.