Dates: November 26th & 27th and December 3rd & 4th

9am – 5pm Thursday, November 26th

9am – 4pm Friday, November 27th

Venue: National College of Ireland (NCI), Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin 1  Tel: 01-449-8500

Cost: €495 per person

Training Provider: National College of Ireland

This 4-day programme is a stand-alone programme


This programme can also serve as the first module in a full Level 8 Professional Programme in Employability Services consisting of 3 additional modules that will be available in 2016 (subject to QQI approval)

There is a strong emphasis on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which means that it is ideal for many people currently working in the Employability Sector who want to progress in this field.


4 modules X 4 contact days each:

  • Employability Services
  • Clients
  • Enterprise
  • Lead/Govern/Innovate


Course Outline

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Follow-up
Understanding the Context Understanding Clients Understanding Employers Consolidation Assessment & Evaluation
Welcome / Intro / Overview
Context & Background
Client diversity
Initial client engagement
Employer needs, wants, expectations, and experiences. Employability Service Operations Self-directed learning, supported by online resources (Moodle) and tutor guidance.
Understanding the Journey Challenges and Barriers Engaging with employers Quality, ethics and standards
Introducing systems, structures and methodology Preparation Activities
Personal Action Planning
The integration process Business excellence, performance gain and innovation
Practical Application Role & Responsibilities of Employability Service Practitioner Practical Application
Case-work Practices; coaching, mentoring, training, facilitation & guidance
Practical Application
Preparation for employer engagement
Practical Application
Case-work exercise; Clients & Employers

Intended Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this 4 contact day programme, learners will have:

  • Developed a detailed understanding of the role of ESS in Irish society and economy.
  • Understand the structure of employment services provision in Ireland.
  • Recognise the competencies of an effective employment support practitioner and have evaluated themselves against these.
  • Be familiar with the typical journey of a job-seeker through the support process.
  • Understand professional, ethical and business excellence standards in employment service provision.
  • Understand employer & enterprise requirements and expectations.
  • Know the characteristics of effective employment services projects. Introduction to meta-model.


  • Employability Service Operations
    • The  Business of Employability
    • Meta-model of Employability Services
    • Stakeholder: Roles, responsibilities & expectations.
    • Doing the Business.
    • Understanding employability supply chains.
    • Review of legal provisions, contracting models, guidelines and standards.
    • Enterprise Needs.
    • Employability Service Operations Competencies.


  • Working with Clients
    • Case Management.
    • Understanding Job Seekers.
    • Skills & Techniques for Client Support.
    • Customer Service Principles.


  • Client Preparation
    • Employability Skills.
    • Competency Development.
    • Candidate Portfolios.
    • Candidate Packaging, Job Search Techniques & Skills.


  • Opportunities & Support
    • Progression Outcomes.
    • Labour market information.
    • Employer Engagement
    • Job Brokerage.
    • Problem Solving.



  • Professional Practice
  • Standards & Quality Assurance.
  • Legal & Procedural Aspects.
  • Operations Management.
  • Professional Development
  • Next Steps.