9.30am – 5pm Thursday, November 15th

Location: Sheraton Athlone Hotel

Cost: €295 member; €350 non member (per person)


This program is targeted at those who need to enhance their strategic lenses, thinking, planning and implementation as well as managers who have an involvement in strategy, either in:

  • developing strategy for the business or their area or
  • responsibility for operationalising and implementing strategy in the business or their area

The program is suitable for those who want to advance their knowledge, thinking, skills and behaviours in the area of strategy management and also enhance their impact on strategy

The program will provide participants with a good understanding of the process of strategy end to end, from strategic thinking right through to operationalisation and review of impact.

Program Outline
Setting the Scene
o Introductions – Objectives – Program Overview

The Strategic Leader
o Attributes
o Developing your strategic thinking
o Making the time
o Balancing strategy and operational commitments

Strategic Planning Process
o Addressing the 3 key strategy questions: Where do you want to be / Where are you now / How do you get there
o Linking the overall business strategy and the strategy for the area you manage
o Stages in the strategic planning process
o VMOST approach: Values, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics
o The Balanced Scorecard 4 Perspective approach

Strategic Planning in Action
o Development of Strategy for the area you manage
o How that ties in with the rest of the business
o Start the process of developing
o Feedback and guidance

Making it Happen
o Next steps toward developing your 6 month business plan
o Expectations for presentation of plans

Training Provider: Invisio