Team and Group Leadership Development Coaching
with Shauna Moran, Operate Remote

Each session is hosted online (zoom) and lasts for 1.5 hours. This includes a discovery process that identifies the key challenges in your organisation and a program is then designed around these findings. 

Pricing:  We are delighted to be able to offer 50% funding from the Skillnet COVID-19 Response Fund for this program

  • 1,200 EUR: 8 attendees or less  – €600 (after funding is applied)
  • 1,500 EUR: 8-15 attendees – €750 (after funding)
  • 1,800 EUR: 15+attendees – €900 (after funding)

Contact to register your interest in organising a Coaching Session for your team/group
Date & time tbc based on your needs

Group coaching is focused on leadership in remote environments, which will provide your senior management team with the ability to think in new ways while challenging old mindsets that will create long-lasting impact through learning and awareness.

Using positive psychology and neuroplasticity strategies, I will create a safe environment for your management team to explore and find a deeper awareness in areas such as planning and strategy, leadership development, performance management, team communication, and company culture, all optimised for remote team environments. 

  • Leverage your team’s existing strengths, by helping them to understand themselves, their team, and their behaviours more clearly.
  • Provide a safe and trusted space to explore and brainstorm ideas designed to help them achieve their goals by implementing  tried and tested strategies 
  • Accountability for goal setting for fast and decisive action
  • Heightened self-awareness and improved self-regulation which is vital in working remotely and managing other remote employees
  • Higher levels of empathy and improved leadership abilities will develop an awareness of the diversity of teams which will provide clarity from perspective
  • Boost in cognition at work which leads directly to the attainment of information and, thus, knowledge

Shauna Moran Operate Remote

Shauna Moran, the founder of Operate Remote helps remote and multi-location companies improve employee performance and engagement. Shauna is an accredited coach & consultant and emotional intelligence practitioner. Shauna has unique experience in building and managing remote teams on an international level, coupled with her academic background in Psychology, Innovation Management and extensive research in remote working strategies. Shauna’s mission is to empower companies and leaders to create a productive, highly-functional, effective and engaged workforce, regardless of the locations that they can scale well into the future, with confidence.