The Manager’s Toolkit


Location: TBC

Date: 9th & 10 October 9.30 to 5.00pm

Cost :  €450


Management is the Art of getting things done through others – this will help!

Programme Content

This programme has been designed to enable you to explore what it means to be an effective manager specifically within Aviation and Aerospace sector. How do you set up an effective motivational environment here, what does setting effective goals mean, how do you delegate in order to develop and how do you deliver feedback (negative or constructive feedback), and then what if this all fails? How do you adapt your management style for a high performer or what if you manage someone underperforming – how do you get this person “back on track”?

This workshop will answer all these questions and more, giving you a comprehensive toolkit to achieve the results you desire from those you manage. As such we shall explore:

  • How to set effective Objectives (the science of goal setting and flow)
  • How to Delegate for their achievement but in a way that will develop your staff so they are a growing resource for you
  • How to Coach them in light of this delegation
  • How to provide focused Feedback (both positive and constructive / negative) with confidence and without fear of negative consequences
  • How to Reward success through what is available in your Organisation currently and creatively
  • How to reflect this skill set both within and outside of your Performance Management System


Why Should I Attend?

  • Strong practical/real-world (vs academic) focus
  • Cutting edge, focused content, based on the latest research and thinking about management and Leadership specific for Aviation & Aerospace Sector
  • A fresh approach to learning: stories, cases and simulation exercises used to enable you to stretch your learning and stimulate fresh thinking about how to manage
  • Delivered by a management and employment law expert

Trainer: Beacon Training


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