Date: December 4th 

Time: 10am – noon

Location:  Dublin


The Resilient Mind…bite-sized

 What makes some people focus and perform better under pressure while others struggle?
The answer is Resilience

This does not mean being hard – Resilience is a measure of your subconscious flexibility
& also what practical &psychological coping mechanisms you have access to.

 Learn how you can perform to your full ability each day equipped with the tools and techniques to reduce stress

We are delighted to offer a free 2-hour taster workshop

The Resilient Mind

Tuesday, December 4th

10am – noon

Venue: Dublin

  •  What is stress
  • Types of organisational stressors
  • How your mind works
  • The fight and flight response
  • Fear and Courage
  • Fear and danger
  • Anxiety and withdrawal
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Why we take things personally


For Yourself: There is convincing evidence that prolonged periods of stress has an adverse effect on our personal health. Stress increases our risk of heart disease, back pain, headaches, intestinal problems and burnout. It also plays a major role in anxiety disorders and depression. How we personally deal with stress has a huge impact on our family lives and careers.


For Your Business: The HSE ,HSA and SFA have cited stress as the number one reason for absenteeism in Ireland. Stress costs the Irish economy over €300 million a year in lost income with a staggering 22% of people reporting being stressed at work. Stress is now an actionable civil wrong and the last decade has seen a massive increase in case law and judgements in the area of work place stress. Stress affects people’s commitment to work, performance, productivity, staff turnover, attendance levels and reputation. It also increases the cost of retraining, recruitment and retention.


We are all being asked to do more with fewer resources, and that can increase both our personal stress levels and those of our colleagues.
The Resilience Matters model can quickly help to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and create an environment where fewer employees need time off work because of stress.



So what is it that Resilience Matters does differently?

In a nutshell, think of your organisation and your employees as two sides of a weighing scales. We look at the normal sources of stress within your organisation, issues like relationships, demands, control, support, and how change is managed, and help you to create an action plan to address these. This is a surprisingly simple process.


One the other side are individuals who are all reacting differently to the same environment.  People who are managing poorly, and those to whom it’s like water off a duck’s back.  We want everyone to be like the duck. We work with your members to help them understand stress, their reaction to it, and teach them to control their own stress response. This happens in a one day training event called The Resilient Mind.


Training Provider:  Richard Burke, Resilience Matters

Our stress reduction model has been making a big difference to the lives of our clients’ workforces. In 2015 we were honoured with the Best Consultancy Partnership prize for our work with Genzyme Sanofi, at the Irish Institute of Training and Development National Training Awards. In 12 months we achieved a 30% reduction in absenteeism and an 18% reduction in visits to occupational health. These are amazing results for a soft skills intervention. Our Resilience program also resulted in Genzyme Sanofi winning the National Pharma award for Health and Safety through resilience the same year.