Date: 20th April

Location: Shannon

Cost: €295

Trainer: Irish Business Training Ltd,


In increasingly frenetic Irish workplaces, time is a scarce asset. Tight deadlines, demanding clients and never-ending streams of emails mean that people may often feel over-burdened and stressed out. This course aims to enable individuals to deal effectively with the problem of time-poverty while successfully achieving personal and company goals.



On completion of this workshop participants will:

* Use best practice time management techniques

* Priorities effectively

* Plan (and implement plans) successfully

* Manage projects effectively

* Negotiate a better work-life balance






Personal effectiveness (Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people)

* Be proactive – anticipate and plan

* Begin with the end in mind – set clear goals and objectives

* Put first things first – prioritise activities

* Seek first to understand then to be understood – listen and communicate

* Synergise – understand the other person’s position

* Seek win/win – find balanced solutions to achieve goals and maintain relationships

* Sharpen the Saw – renew and review – seek constant improvements

* Become more effective and efficient

* Deal with difficult situations/difficult people – interpersonal relations

* Plan effectively

* Organise yourself within these plans

* Cope with conflicting priorities and deadlines

* Manage your workload

* Reduce time spent in correspondence

* Analyse your time/prioritising

* Address time wasters

* Distinguish between urgent and important

* Control interruptions

* Establish work patterns