Date: Tuesday, October 22nd – FULLY BOOKED

Location: Galway

Cost: €145 member; €199 non member (per person)


This 1-day Time Management Workshop is a very interactive day where people genuinely walk away with a different mindset around Time Management

Participants are equipped with a new way of looking at, responding to, and managing their day-to-day workloads with a view to less stress and better performance & productivity. They leave with an action plan and buddy to check in with every week for 4 weeks.

Participants are required to keep a time log for a minimum of two days prior to attending.

This workshop not only focuses on time but also the energy we use ineffectively procrastinating, completing needless tasks etc. This workshop also covers assertiveness and the skill of saying ‘No’.

Feedback from previous attendees:

  • This is the best training course I have completed & much of this was down to the enthusiasm and expertise of the trainer
  • Very valuable course – should be rolled out to others in the company


– Intro, icebreaker, objective
– Discovery ‘Time & Energy’, Best & worst times of the day
– How productive am I ? (Self-assessment)
– Map my day & assign priorities
– Pitfalls of preferences & procrastination (Common mistakes)
– ‘Eating the Elephant’
– Time log review
– Time stealers
– Managing your calendar/scheduling
– Essential downtime
– Concentration & Focus
– Time Management Tools e.g. Priority matrices, forward planning etc.
– Saying No (and sometimes making it sound like Yes!)
– Mindful strategies to address time management stress (The feeling of being overwhelmed)
– Productivity & Goal setting (including simple ‘to do’ lists)
– Action plan commitment
– PEP buddy assigned
– Learning review

Trainer: Michelle Dinneen – Ardin Career Development