Starting at 1pm – Wednesday, December 12th

20 Minute Webinar
Unconscious Bias – The Trusted Ten

The presentation will take 20 minutes followed by a quick Q & A

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Free for ICBE members/ €25 for non-members

This webinar will:

  • shine a light into our unconscious and makes visible to us the ways in which we are forming our networks, socially and professionally
  • explore the implications this has for an organisation
  • get us thinking about how we can begin to overcome the disadvantages of unconscious bias

The Trusted Ten!

We know that diversity and inclusion are critical to creating and sustaining successful organisations in today’s fast moving and ever more complex world. And yet, we know

we are not making enough inroads in it. Why is this? Could it be down to our unconscious biases? And if our biases are unconscious, how do we make them more conscious?

The Trusted Ten is an interactive exercise that can be done by individuals in a group or on their own that will shine a light into our unconscious and make visible to us the ways in which we are forming our networks, socially and professionally. We will explore the implications unconscious bias has for an organisation and ask how we can overcome it.

Unconscious biases Unconscious biases are learned stereotypes that are automatic, unintentional, deeply engrained and universal, and influence our perceptions and behavior without us being aware of it.

Facilitated by Betty O’Callaghan

With extensive experience in Management Leadership and Human Resource Management, Betty’s passion is coaching. She is inspired by the insights, courage and capacity of leaders and managers she coaches as they step up to maximise their leadership mojo and make a real and positive difference within and outside their organisations. Betty has an MSc in Personal and Management Coaching and a Higher Diploma in Coaching & Coaching Psychology, both from UCC. Betty also teaches Coaching Skills on the Masters in Work & Organisational Psychology/Behaviour in UCC.

Previously Head of Human Resources, Retail Branch Network, Bank of Ireland, where, working with the Network Leadership team, world-class levels of employee engagement were achieved.