Virtual Classroom: QQI Level 5 Accredited Infection Prevention and Control program
via Zoom webinar + tutor support

Start date: Monday, August 17th End date: Friday, August 28th (NEW DATES)

Times: Mon, Tues & Weds — 9am-10.45am & 11am-1pm
(week 1) Thurs & Fri:  1-2-1 phone call w/tutor & forum support – 9am-1pm (approx 20 mins for each participant)
(week 2) Thurs: 1-2-1 phone call with tutor & forum support (approx 20 mins for each participant)
(week 2) Fri: Exam 9am – 1pm

Cost: €120 per person with Skillnet COVID-19 Response Fund funding applied (Regular cost €400) – places are limited


Week 1

  • Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday: Live Class using Zoom from 9am-10.45am & 11am-1pm
  • Thursday & Friday:            1-2-1 phone call with tutor & forum support – 9am-1pm
    The 1-2-1 is done via zoom or a phone call and is pre-scheduled by the tutor. Some students require more support than others, but averages out at 20 minutes per person.

Week 2

  • Monday, Tuesday & Weds:       Live Class using Zoom from 9am-10.45am & 11am-1pm
  • Thursday                                      Support from tutor: 9am – 1pm
  • Friday                                             Exam: 9am – 1pm

The tutor will be available to support learners with their assignment during the course. Learners will also be required to compile a learner record and sit an exam at the end of the course.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Day 1: Outline Basic Microbiology –
  • Day 1: Summarise the various types of micro-organisms, the elements required for the growth, spread and subsequent infection process, to include direct and indirect contact
  • Day 2: Explain the basic principles of infection and the application of standard precautions in relation to infection control-
  • Day 3: Discuss the importance of infection prevention and control in providing a healthy environment for staff and visitors
  • Day 4: Analyse the predisposing factors to the development of infections to include contact precautions, respiratory precautions and enteric precautions
  • Day 5: Investigate the terms cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation to include cleaning standards, procedures and frequencies while paying special attention to decontamination of equipment
  • Day 6: Identify the main blood borne viruses which pose a threat and the methods that prevent the spread of infections
  • Day 6: NSAI Guidelines on dealing with Covid-19 in the workplace

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