Starting at 1pm – Wednesday, August 15th

FREE Webinar – 10 Ways to Retain Key Talent
20 Minute Webinar

In this practical session Fiona Buckley will focus on the top ten ways to retain key talent in your organisations in 2018. Challenges will be discussed alongside best practice on what other organisations are currently doing. This session will focus on some quick short term solutions you can put into practice right away with some longer term activities to consider.
The presentation will take 15 minutes followed by a quick Q&A.

Please contact or 061-423622 to register for this event

Fiona Buckley
Fiona Buckley is an executive coach, corporate trainer, lecturer and keynote speaker in the area of organisational behaviour. Before setting up her own business, Fiona held a number of senior corporate roles spanning 15 years with her last role being VP of Professional Services. Fiona is a regular contributor in the media including a number of appearances on TV. Fiona is a trained story teller, professional Improviser and stage performer which brings a unique energy to all her events.

A full recording of the session will be also be delivered so you can replay the session at a later date.


  • What was the most rewarding professional work you have undertaken? Delivering and teaching on corporate training programmes where I know I have made a real difference to people.
  • What was the biggest catalyst for change in your career?  When I took redundancy and set up my own business after 15 years of working
  • What is the best tip you ever received for managing employees?  Don’t expect everyone to like you!
  • Who do you look up in the industry?  Sheryl Sandberg.
  • Do you have any daily rituals that help you get things done?  Weekly goal setting on a Sunday evening/Monday morning is crucial for me. I then filter this down into daily goals and priorities. Without doing this I don’t think I would get half as much done. It keeps me focused.
  • If you had a magic wand that could solve all HR problems, what would you use it to do?  Create better people managers
  • What one change do you think managers should undertake?  Put yourself in the employee’s shoes regularly.