Dates: October 7th & 8th (New dates)

Location: Hotel Minella, Clonmel

Cost: €895 member; €1195 non member (per person) with Skillnet funding applied
Cost includes tea/coffee breaks + lunch

+ optional post-programme Personalised Deep Dive Coaching Sessions are available

Consisting of 1:1 Personal Leadership Skills coaching and/or Lean & Capacity Planning Assessment & Action Planning coaching – see full details below


ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet is delighted to offer a 2-day programme designed to Accelerate the Technical & Leadership Growth of women in STEM2  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Manufacturing) industries.

This leadership programme is designed to develop outstanding female STEM2 leaders, with fundamental components focusing on the technical and leadership aspects of how to be a successful leader working in a STEM2 related career or industry.

 As well as focusing on the critical leadership skills needed to succeed & grow, this programme will help participants create a plan on how to increase influence and impact, as well as practical application of lean tools and techniques to aid in maximising the leaders own and team’s capacity, plus ensuring they are delivering value-add results & freeing up capacity to pursue additional strategic initiatives.

 Who is this programme for?

  • Female leaders who have significant responsibility within their organisation, and/or manage high-level projects and are motivated to develop their leadership skills to deliver outstanding performance and/or advance their careers
  • High-potentials in your team who are on a leadership track, or newly promoted to a role – who would benefit from focused support to expedite their development


  • Demonstration of your organisation’s commitment to STEM2 female talent development & retention
  • Development of key leadership traits to be a successful STEM2 leader
  • Application of Lean Thinking principles and tools to maximise capacity and performance
  • Access to a network of like-minded female leaders in STEM2
  • Development of STEM2 Female Role Models for the future
  • Enhancement of goals and action planning to help participants navigate future career success as an impactful leader

Participants can choose from 3 different options for this programme:

2-day programme only €895
2-day programme
+ one of the post-programme Personalised Executive coaching (A or B)
€895 + €450 = €1345
2-day programme
+ both post-programme Personalised Executive coaching (A & B)
€895 + €800 = €1695
Inclusive of tea/coffee breaks & lunch + materials & license fees

Day 1

  • Welcome, settle in time, agenda review and introductions
  • The importance of STEM Female Leadership and the role you play
  • Capacity Maximisation Exercise
  • Emotional Intelligence – Your aid to performance improvement and impactful leadership
  • The EQI Model review
  • The high and low EQI Awareness Challenge
  • Understanding the Leadership derailers
  • Tips to build your EI
  • How to influence and ensure stakeholder engagement
  • Having a networking mindset & the importance of being connected
  • Reflection from day 1 and action planning exercise

Day 2

  • The Lean Review and Maximising Effort
  • Standard work/Value Add/Non-Value Add exercise
  • Effort/Benefit/Satisfaction Analysis Exercise
  • Being authentic, maintaining resilience and leveraging multiple life roles
  • The importance of self-care, wellness & managing guilt
  • Understanding the habits that successful leaders exhibit when advancement is desired for more senior roles
  • Identifying your Habit Assessment
  • Day 2 reflection and next steps action planning
  • Wrap up & Additional support overview

Program Design

  • 2-Day off-site workshop (consecutive days)
  • Action Planning Playbook
  • Participant Networking
  • + optional post-programme Personalised Deep Dive Coaching Sessions are available

Consisting of 1:1 Personal Leadership Skills coaching and/or Lean & Capacity Planning Assessment & Action Planning coaching

Post-Programme Personalised Executive Coaching Sessions (Optional)



1:1 Personalised Executive Coaching – Personal Leadership Skills includes:

  • Executive Leadership Survey Skills Review (takes 20 mins to complete)
  • 27 Page feedback report
  • 60 minute 1:1 feedback session (Virtual)
  • 30 minute action plan review meeting (Virtual – roughly 4 weeks later)

This assessment helps participants understand their current leadership strengths & development opportunities; they will walk away with an action plan & strategies to develop any competency gaps identified from the report and during the programme.




1:1 Personalised Executive Coaching – Lean & Capacity Planning Assessment & Action Planning includes:

  • Capacity Assessment Survey (Takes 2 Hour to complete – it does not need to be completed in one sitting)
  • 60 minute 1:1 feedback session (Virtual)
  • 30 minute action plan review meeting (Virtual – roughly 4 weeks later) 

This assessment gives participants an insight into their current capacity. The review assists participants understand how their time is consumed & what activities are value add and non-value add. The assessment will result in participants knowing how to spend time on the important priorities, have an action plan in place, with a check-in review a month later to assess progress.

Training Providers:

Allana Brown is a trusted Human Resources and Change Management Leader with over 20 years business experience. She develops and runs training programs globally and mentors business owners and leaders to reach their full potential.

She is a Business Studies honours graduate of the University of Limerick and has also participated in leadership programs in conjunction with Cape Town University Business School in South Africa and Cornell University in North America.

She is an accredited Emotional Intelligence (EQ-I 2.0/EQ-I 360) survey administrator and coach.

Prior to setting up her own business, she was a global senior leader and has worked for well recognised organisations in banking, telecommunication, automotive, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and retail, including Johnson and Johnson & Allied Irish Bank.

Allana is recognised for partnering with executives to maximise the value of their businesses and functions, through facilitating the creation and deployment of strategies for successful change projects & organisation redesigns, relating to start-ups, downsizing, acquisitions and divestitures.

She is also passionate about supporting female leadership development through the creation of female focused training and mentoring programs. She also supports companies diversity and inclusion initiatives through the delivery of her female leadership talks and workshop series.

Susan Clancy is a people focused Internationally recognised practitioner skilled at integrating Business Transformational Techniques through Individuals, Teams, & the Organisations they work in. A recognised partner to organisations across a wide range of sectors and cultures. She has worked within Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Utility Services, Construction, Customer Call Centre, Education, Food, Aviation, Electronics, Hotel and Catering, IT and Healthcare in the private and public sectors.

Susan’s work, while varied is focused on motivating and bringing an individual or group of people, from any level, on a journey that will make their working environment a lot more enjoyable and easier. People always strive to improve their working environment but can find it difficult to convert their thoughts into actual steps. Organisations will want to improve the processes within their business but there may be many different voices and opinions as to how best achieve the end goal. Susan is brought in to advise, assist and facilitate. Changing mind-sets and bringing people along together to achieve the best results for all is one of Susan’s key strengths.

Susan has overseen large scale Operational Excellence programs for clients in Russia, Germany, Serbia, England, Scotland, the Caribbean and the US. She has worked on all aspects of Operational Excellence from strategy deployment and execution to tactical implementation plans. She has been engaged by & assisted: CEO, EVP, VP, Director, Owner Manager, Manager, Team Leader, Operator, Coordinators, Analyst, Scientists & Associates. She has partnered with academic institutions in order to deliver accredited and practical training programs.