How to Run a Webinar: ICBE Tips and Tricks Guide

The Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) has been using webinars to transfer knowledge over the past year and in the spirit of knowledge sharing we have compiled this guide to impart our experience and learnings as a service to our members.

No one tool is perfect and there is a large crossover of what each can achieve.

Our big learning is that the technology can be mastered relatively quickly.  The more difficult area is evolving a workflow and process that blends in with how the organisation works (registrations etc) and is workable across disparate teams.

We have discovered it is better to master one, and stretch each of the services to its fullest use, before making an evaluation – rather than being stretched across too many at the same time.

With that in mind, much of what we are sharing in this guide are experiences with Zoom.

However, regardless of platform used, the art of presenting, planning and having contingency plans thought out in advance are common to all.

We are discovering new tricks every day and will continue to update this guide with our new learnings.

You can browse our guide below


The guide is also available as a download by clicking below but please credit the ICBE if using the content.