Information Security PassTM 

Employee Awareness & Compliance

Information security is critical in the current globalised business environment. Even though an organisation may utilise many security technologies and products in their efforts to protect their valuable information, it is now well recognised that one of the weakest links in the information security chain are employees themselves. Despite widespread corporate awareness campaigns, many employees continue to open attachments from unknown senders, download apps from outside the official app stores, access the internet through unsecure connections, or click on links in social media sites.

Our Information Security PassTM ensure employees gain a better awareness of information security risks and threats to the organisation, recognise ways to mitigate exposure to such security concerns, and understand IT security compliance business requirements.

Benefits to Employers

The Information Security PassTM Programme has been designed specifically to respond to this critical need in a consistent and sustainable manner. Key aspects to the programme include:-

  • Bite-sized digestible content on key Information Security topics
  • Additional training can be provided “on the spot” to employees following simulated phishing attacks or other security testing interventions
  • Employees receive a portable Information Security “passport” that rewards them on an ongoing basis for demonstrating responsible information security behaviours
  • Fully independently managed and delivered service

We cover key information security topics and provide practical advice on mitigating threats and risks.

Learning Objectives

Security topics include:

  • Data Protection
  • Malware
  • Passwords
  • Safe Internet Usage
  • Malicious Links
  • Data Security in the Workplace
  • Information Security Outside the Office
  • Mobile Devices
  • Social Engineering
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Security
  • Introduction to GDPR

Next Steps

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