The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will significantly change the data protection landscape and affect almost all countries in the world. Articles 37 and 43 of the GDPR outline that staff “awareness raising” and “training” are required. The GDPR Pass Programme has been designed specifically to respond to this critical requirement for organisations in a consistent and sustainable manner.

GDPR PassTM Programme

The GDPR Pass Programme is aimed at raising and demonstrating awareness of GDPR amongst all staff. It is typically aimed at organisations that need to train 100+ staff quickly and cost effectively on the background and responsibilities of GDPR, the requirements related to data privacy and governance, and the implications for day-to-day business activities. The courseware is delivered online and the content is non-sector-specific and suitable for all staff and skill levels.

 Key Benefits

The GDPR Pass awareness & compliance programme includes the following benefits:



Online-learning approach is flexible and minimises disruption to work schedules and priorities

Cost-effective & streamlined training

Consistent and simple-to-use cloud-based learning platform available on any device – at any time


Low administrative burden

Low IT and training administration with seamless integration with other technology and platforms

Evidence of staff GDPR-awareness

Reporting and ‘digital badge’ awards demonstrate and promote GDPR-awareness across the organisation

Next Steps

The learn more, arrange a demo or find out how the ICBE Skillnets can support your GDPR training and compliance efforts, please telephone +353-(0)61-423622 or email