The Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) is a not-for-profit organisation established by leading companies in Ireland with a deep commitment to continuous improvement.

We are a knowledge-sharing network of cross-sectoral businesses committed to helping each other. Our Board of Directors are drawn from our member companies.  At ICBE our goal is to assist our member companies to be the most competitive in their field.

We organise best practice visits to exemplary sites so that members can learn from each other. We work with our members in steering groups to organise events and design bespoke training to meet current and future needs of business. We run these activities at the most suitable location for our members.

Our “Call for Support” process is where we confidentially facilitate members to get solutions to resolve challenges using the entire network as a resource.

Our Vision

To be the business-excellence and knowledge-sharing network of choice for the manufacturing and services sectors in Ireland and to maximise our members’ success and Ireland’s recovery, growth and competitiveness

 Our Mission

  • Promote business-excellence/knowledge-sharing, innovation and continuous improvement among our members
  • Service the developmental and transformational needs of member organisations and individuals to improve competence and achieve sustained success
  • Expand the network, develop a cohort of relevant experts and form strategic alliances with relevant agencies and institutions for the benefit of members
  • Develop strong regional forums to assist in implementing our vision

 Shingo Prize

Over the past few years, no fewer than eight companies in Ireland have challenged for and been awarded either the Shingo Prize or a Shingo Medallion. For a country Ireland’s size, this is an extraordinary concentration of companies that have managed to reach this highest recognition for operational excellence. The ICBE has played a prominent role in helping to educate companies about the benefits of pursuing the Shingo Prize and following the Shingo Model™ as part of their pursuit of business excellence.

ICBE is sharing this success in Ireland with other governmental organisations that want to use the Shingo Prize as a way to drive business development and investment. The Shingo Institute is the organisation that administers the Shingo Prize; its teams of examiners travel to organisations all over the world that challenge for the Shingo Prize. Largely because of the work of the ICBE, Shingo examiners find themselves visiting various companies in Ireland quite regularly. ICBE Board Member, Kieran Noonan is an Enterprise Excellence Shingo Examiner.