Ireland has the largest per capita number of Shingo awards in the world with over 8 member companies reaching this highest recognition of excellence. 

Since the first Shingo award to Lake Region in 2011 the Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) has been an integral part of member Shingo journeys to excellence through Site Visits, Knowledge Sharing, Calls for Support and Specialist Training.

 At executive and board level the ICBE has also had representation at the Shingo Examiner level, further cementing the commitment to excellence.

For some the Shingo journey begins at its annual conference, which this year takes place in Kentucky, USA under the theme of “Make Work Meaningful”.  For others the annual conference offers an opportunity to refresh, network and uncover new best practice improvements from global practitioners.

For more details see the Shingo Annual Conference event site.

If you are planning on attending this conference, please contact Aidan Kelly to find out more about subsidies/funding available