The benefits of your
company joining Advanced Productivity Skillnet…

Why Join

Organisations looking to improve their productivity, gain insights into best practice, learn from and network with industry and expert practitioners, become immersed in rapidly evolving technologies and methodologies will benefit from joining the ICBE Advanced Productivity Network.

Membership will not only help individuals lead their organisation to new heights but also increase knowledge sharing and bench marking across the sector.

By joining, companies will shorten the trajectory from novice to expert.

Who can join?

Membership is open to any organisation interested in advancing productivity through the development and training of their people, process improvement, embracing new technologies and enhanced organisational development.

Membership is particularly suited to those in senior continuous improvement, HR, operational excellence, automation, technologies  and senior management roles.

How can I join?

If you are interested in joining the ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet please email Vivienne Kiernan, phone +353 61 423622 or fill in the enquiry form below.


“We have had a long and proud history of mutual involvement with ICBE.
We’ve been awarded the Shingo bronze on two occasions and a key part of our success has been our ability to dip into the ICBE network and discover best practice. We have really been able to

take the knowledge sharing on board and reflect that in the way we do business in New Ross. It’s been a powerful plus to have ICBE there for us. They were a significant partner for us and introduced us to others on the Shingo journey. It provided access and sharing of information and similarly we have opened our doors to other companies.
Its shared knowledge and shared learning – that’s the ethos that ICBE has created.
I think it provides a safe, non-competitive environment for competitors to share best practice, to wear the green jersey for Ireland, and it is one of the reasons Ireland is a hub for awards.”
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Jim O’Neill

Site CI Manager

“I would certainly recommend ICBE membership.
It’s been good for us, it has offered us opportunities to network, to get funded training, to come to events and conferences and get

to hear the greatest and the best talk about what they do. I would endorse companies becoming involved.”
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Sean Feeney

Director, Supply Chain & OE

“The best practice visits are vital for us. Going to see what other companies are doing – using other companies bench marks so we can bring back tools or systems that they are using. Also, the Call for Support is brilliant. We can

send in an email and get feedback from other companies who have experience in your project as well. We can get groups of people to go on these visits.”
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Sean Feeney

Director, Supply Chain & OE