December 7, 2018

Conducting a Comprehensive Skills Gap/Training Needs Analysis | Knowledge Sharing Event Report

ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet organised a Knowledge-Sharing event – Conducting a Comprehensive Skills Gap/Training Needs Analysis – on November 14thhosted at Barclay Chemicals in Dublin.The event was facilitated by Helen Barry from Simplify HR and seven companies attended – Barclay Chemicals, SK Biotech, Bord Na Mona, Servier, Lufthansa Technik Turbine, Astellas and Cook Medical.  It was a really interactive session with lots of knowledge-sharing and benchmarking taking place.  Ruth Moran, Technical Training Partner, SK Biotech found the event “very worthwhile” & is looking forward to the next knowledge-sharing opportunity with the group.Areas covered included what training metrics are companies using; how do companies identify training gaps and what companies are doing to ensure their training is aligned with company strategy.
Top tips from the session included:  keep it simple, align your training with your business needs, using a cross-training matrix, checking on employees’ proficiency within specific timeframes, central co-ordination of training, using role profiles, and “if it isn’t documented; it didn’t happen”.
Other areas of training were also touched on such as how to document tacit knowledge, ROI on training, and Learning Management Systems.
ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet plans on keeping the knowledge-sharing and learning going with another event in the New Year.

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