July 12, 2019

Data Visualisation – 9 week programme

Who is this course for?
Anyone who communicates insights from data in their job, either in dashboards, reports or PowerPoint presentations.
This course is ideal for those involved in the interpretation of data as well as the presentation of data in a wide variety of organisations including engineering and manufacturing.

This course is a mix of talks and practical workshops on contemporary approaches to data visualisation. Each teaching session will be three hours and there will be tutorials where advice is available to participants working on a self-initiated work based project. Participants will learn to create their own data and understand key theories in the interpretation of data visualisation.

Learning outcomes:

Demonstrate a systematic understanding and knowledge of the area of data visualisation, its historical context, its purpose and contemporary practice
Give an understanding of the design decisions that can affect the message/meaning behind data visualisation
Impart the fundamentals of good design – including: design hierarchy, structure, legibility and navigation, and their role in data visualisation
Show how software selection impacts on the functional and technical requirements of data visualisation
Apply design strategies for data visualisation through an on-the-job project for an intended audience
This programme has been developed by Limerick School of Art & Design with the support of ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet

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