June 28, 2019

What Got You Here; Won’t Get You There! – Lunchtime Webinar

Master Coach, Gerry Ryan, and Executive Coach, Kieran Murphy, presented a Lunchtime Bite Webinar on June 19th on the importance and benefits of using a coaching approach – What got you here; won’t get you there! Developing your leadership ability and effectiveness through incorporating a coaching approach. Click link below to view webinar:


Gerry began by asking if any familiar scenarios resonated with participants:

  • You’re still involved in too much detail…

“I’m down in the weeds too much” – Those who are drawn in and spend too much time in details. People know this is the wrong thing to be doing but cannot stop; which is frustrating.

  • In a HR role and finding…

People bring you their people problems and hand them off to you.  While you’re trying to give responsibility to them; you’re often left dealing with the issues.

  • In a senior leadership position…

Your people are performing in their functions, but not collaborating – they’re passing the parcel and throwing each other under the bus. How do you get people to collaborate and be more strategic?

Kieran then continued by noting that managing people and managing teams consumes a lot of energy, particularly in today’s relentless business environment where it is difficult to find any space or time to think.  We often know that something is missing but don’t know how to change this. Kieran and Gerry believe that a coaching approach is key to making these changes.

Gerry explained that a key question from this webinar is:

What’s my part in it?

 Using the analogy of a spider web, Gerry asked – Who are you? Are you the spider creating the web? Or are you the bee getting caught in it?

We know that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result; but the reality is we are often stuck in patterns.

 Gerry invited everyone to ask themselves this question and look at your own situation from a different perspective.  Remember, you can only control your own part – but you can start doing this by using a Coaching Approach.

 What is a Coaching Approach?  It is a way to help people to:

  • Take responsibility

Help people to take responsibility for themselves and what’s theirs.  For example, when they bring problems to your desk and leave the problem with you; you can choose to stop solving their problems or carrying the problems on your shoulders.  Instead, you can help them own the problem by being clear, setting expectations and discussing what their and your patterns are.

  • Clarify their thinking

It is difficult to stand outside yourself and see & think differently and access other resources.  However, it is important to find space to do this – What do you need to change so you can do this?

  • Utilise their potential

Tap into people’s potential – Research shows that people use 20-40% of their potential at work.  Imagine if you unleashed more of this potential so you and others are not just ticking a box/going along for the ride?

  • Make better decisions

Engaging in the three points above, means people are more purposeful and see patterns; which means they make better decisions – driving results, performance and effectiveness.

  • Grow and develop

All of these things help people to grow & develop and shift their consciousness.  What % of time are we conscious? Research shows the average level of consciousness is 5%.  Just imagine the massive, powerful impact we could have if we spent less time acting unconsciously!

Kieran then took over to explain the key components of a coaching approach:

  1. Process

    Which evolves over time – it is not a quick fix or a tool. Important to realise that this requires change in yourself; not just others.

  2. Skills and Competencies

Improve the quality of your listening and giving & receiving feedback, which is one of the most challenging things for managers.  Also, using questions to build awareness.

  1. Relationships with People

What’s the nature of your relationships? Is the manager playing a parent role & employees children…?

  1. You

How am I contributing to the situation?  (Back to – What’s my part in it?) A coaching approach is not just about others shifting/changing; it’s about you changing

The webinar concluded with three takeaway questions

  • What is the nature of your relationship – with your manager, your peers and those who report to you? Parent/child etc.

  • Sometimes you can be at your best and other times at your worst. What do you notice about the different “you” that shows up in those different circumstances?

  • When you think about a coaching approach, what are the areas you most need to develop?

Gerry spoke briefly about the 3-day Executive Coaching Essentials program offered through ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet.  This program is an opportunity to dip your toe into Coaching and a coaching approach.  There is some theory; but lots of time for practice, feedback and reflection.  This program is about you being a manager and practising coaching. https://icbe.ie/event/3-day-executive-coaching-essentials-4/

Kieran ended by answering a participant’s question about shifting an organisation to a coaching culture.  Kieran noted that most organisations are over-managed and under-led.  To shift to a coaching culture, it is imperative that leadership taps into everyone’s potential. What are your values? What are the behaviours you model and embrace?

Gerry encourage everyone to try a coaching culture out yourself – “Every organisation is made up of many little islands – you don’t have to wait for the whole organisation to shift; start with your own island”.


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