The analogy of taking a systems approach to loading a dishwasher was how Noel Hennessy, managing director, Practical Lean Solutions kicked off the second ICBE Lunchtime Bites Webinar.  Under the title of ‘Standard Work in the Office’ Noel highlighted some of the ways it can help offices and teams before delivering three take aways that could be implemented in any office environment.

According to Noel, ‘Standard Work’ can be transformative, common sensical and easy to engage with and there are many reasons why organisations should seriously consider it including:

  • Ensures that all tasks are done according to the current best practice
  • Simplifies and speeds recruitment and training
  • Improves quality and increases customer satisfaction
  • Makes results predictable and measurable
  • Enables finance teams cost and price accurately
  • Allows organizations to scale rapidly
  • Puts the focus on the process, not the person
  • Makes improvement easier and faster
  • Streamlines problem-solving
  • Encourages employee engagement and ownership
  • Reduces workplace stress
  • Encourages flexibility and creativity

Noel shared some examples of how to get started from check sheets to supervision list.  In capturing the ‘1 Best Way’ Noel advocated selecting a critical task that is fairly predicable & occurs  frequently.  This should be followed up with getting the individual team members to map out the steps & sequence they follow, while doing the task, before drawing on all the individual maps to develop/select the current best process.  Noel demonstrated how this process can be captured on a T Card, trialed for 1 month, reviewed & amended before repeating with another process.

One of the key points that Noel also made was the flexibility of the process and that nothing should be written in stone but rather a document, test, learn and iterate approach.

Noel’s final take away was putting manners on meetings and he shared his rules for meeting etiquette and reflecting company priorities but one of the key learnings was an amendment to their meeting minutes which asked people to question if they needed to be at the meeting and if minutes would be enough for future ones.

Noel finished the session answering attendees questions including one on how to get people engaged with ideas ranging from education, hearts and minds initiatives to simply progressing in a receptive department and winning people over with success.

You can view the video of Noels presentation here and browse the slides below.

Standard Work Webinar September 2018 Final