Sustainability PassTM

Staff Awareness & Compliance

The purpose of the SustainabilityPassTM Programme is to embed sustainability in the DNA of individual firms by focusing on developing awareness, knowledge and skills across the workforce and achieve long-term sustainable behavioural change in relation to core sustainability areas including: energy, water, waste, biodiversity, sourcing, and responsible citizenship.

The Sustainability PassTM Programme is fully endorsed by Origin Green.

Benefits to Employers

  • Demonstrates commitment to SDGs and national sustainability initiatives (Origin Green, EPA, SEAI)
  • Provides powerful evidence to showcase to clients and stakeholders your commitment to producing in a sustainable manner
  • Underpins long term behavioural change initiatives at member sites
  • Contributes to enhanced resource efficiency and reduced costs at the site
  • Engages all employees in meeting energy, water and waste management goals
  • Demonstrates commitment to staff development in sustainability as part of ethical audits, ISO50001, etc

Programme Aims

  • Develop sustainability awareness, knowledge and best practices across the workforce
  • Ensure all site personnel undergo appropriate training enabling them to make positive contributions to more sustainable resource usage and reduction of resource waste
  • Provide enhanced communication of sustainability credentials to the firms supply chain
  • Maintain a register of personnel who have received such training
  • To provide all participants with a portable SustainabilityPassTM digital certification, which will indicate that the holder successfully completed a comprehensive programme on sustainability

Programme modules include:

  • Introduction to: sustainability, UN SDGs, circular economy, national landscape and key stakeholders
  • Global and national energy, water, and waste challenges, impacts, opportunities and benefits
  • Practical advice on acting more sustainability as a citizen
  • Biodiversity challenges and opportunities
  • Supply chain sustainability and sourcing
  • Bespoke and aligned corporate content can also be included in the programme as required

Next Steps

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