The ICBE network has provided invaluable feedback to Boston Scientific, Galway in benchmarking several areas of interest throughout the year. ICBE

  • have provided relevant training courses required for our employee requirements when needed. provide invaluable plant visits and symposiums of great relevance to our Lean business.
  • have opened the door to site benchmarking visits this year where important learning has taken place for our site.
  • provide a key support to maintaining our knowledge based economy.

We would like to highly recommend their networking contacts, responsiveness and promotion of Learning within our industry.

Karen Brennan, Senior Learning & Development Specialist and Enda Colleran, Lean Manager, BSCI, Galway

When I look back over the past six years at the major milestones on Lake Region Medical’s C.I. / Lean journey to date they include: the introduction of Cellular Manufacturing, Scientific Problem Solving, Standard Work, Training Within Industry & World Class Maintenance. Because we were starting from a low base with no internal C.I. / Lean expertise we were very dependent on the Irish Centre for Business Excellence for direction & guidance.

The service provided by Dermot & the ICBE team has proved invaluable, particularly with regard to sourcing world class experts to provide training at a very reasonable cost to the company. Participating in benchmarking visits to the best manufacturing plants in the world has also enabled LRM to take major leaps in C.I. / lean learning from the experience of others rather than just struggling from one step to the next. Six years ago I would have sold my Granny to get inside a Toyota plant.

Today thanks to the ICBE I have not only visited several Toyota plants but LRM, both in Ireland & at our Headquarters in America, have received personal mentoring from Toyota’s Ken Kreafle to help us on our journey towards achieving excellence

Noel Hennessey, BPI Director, Lake Region Medical

ICBE play an integral part in assisting TEVA Pharmaceuticals Ireland achieve its organisational learning & development goals and thus its business goals, through identification of excellent training providers, design of training to suit our business requirements, delivery of up-to-date training and use of  ‘ground breaking’ evaluation software to evaluate our training programmes.

Stephanie Coffey, Learning & Development Manager, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland

Perfection! Learning from those who are doing it – warts and all!

Ballina Beverages
Operational Excellence Development workshop

Well done on an excellent conference. I am not joking when I say it was the most useful conference I have ever been at from both a learning and networking point of view. We at Waters look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Waters Technologies
Lean Symposium

A big ‘Thank You’ to you and your colleagues for organising and executing an excellent conference last week. I found the workshop presentations and key-note speakers inspiring and motivational. The venue was ideal, as was the timing, refreshments and layout. Great media set-up in each of the rooms as well. Truly world class.

Billy Power, General Manager, SR Technics Airfoil Services Ltd.
ICBE Conference 2012

Conference was excellent, well organized and contained a good mix. Lot of food for thought and action! Well done to all.

Gearoid Quinn, Director, Manufacturing & Logistics Europe, Merit Medical
ICBE Conference 2012

Great conference overall. Usually come away with about 25% of relevant data, but this was closer to 75% of nuggets. Congratulations to the ICBE team.

Pat McAdam, Bose
ICBE Conference 2012

This was the best ICBE conference that I attended. The calibre of the speakers was excellent. Well done ICBE!

Trevor Harrison, Abbott Diagnostics
ICBE Conference 2012

The best conference that I have attended

Richard Hayes, Rottapharm
ICBE Conference 2012

Fantastic conference. This was my first one and I will definitely be back next year and bringing some colleagues. This was an extremely informative and beneficial use of my time. It’s always hard to foresee which talks and presentation will be the most informative but some of them could have been longer. There were so many discussions over the 2 days that there was nearly too much to take in. However, I would reduce the number of sessions rather than cut the 2 days. Perhaps the final workshop could be replaced by an open forum discussion of all the attendees? It’s hard to give any criticism of this event though!

Padraig Campbell, Supply Chain Manager, ThermoKing
ICBE Conference 2012

This was my first attendance at your conference, and I just want to say that I found uplifting and inspiring. The organisation and standard of presentations was excellent. Overall, very impressed & found it valuable

Phil Sheridan, Barclay Chemical
ICBE Conference 2012

Excellent diversity of speakers, topics & workshops. Well managed and co-ordinated event with positive mood

Seamus Harrington, Ipsen Manufacturing Ireland
ICBE Conference 2012

The ICBE Lean Benchmarking Trip to the USA has been, for me personally, a very worthwhile and eye opening experience. I feel privileged to have been in a position to see the inner workings of these great companies and to spend valuable time networking with many of their key staff. Looking back on the trip I feel it was something special. The learning experience was invaluable; you cannot obtain this level of learning from reading books, or going to conferences. I found that when you spend time with these talented people, you learn from the conversation on the bus, the story over dinner, the one to one’s at various points throughout the day and week. I also found that as a group of Irish based companies on the same itinerary, we formed a network or ‘club’ over the week that binds the group together.
Boston Scientific
US Best Practice Visit

Lean methodology has played a major role in enabling Mayo General Hospital to maintain services while coping with the harsh economic realities of the past two years. Lean Projects, such as the implementation of Kanban, the Lean Warehouse and the Income maximisation project have contributed in the region of €2.5m of expenditure reduction, all of which were achieved without impacting negatively on patient services.

The MIPS (Mayo Improving Patient Services) Lean Academy has recently been developed and is currently being rolled out to all staff. Already, at this early stage, it is evident that it is having a positive effect in promoting a “can do, will do” attitude and a culture on continuous improvement. This will ultimately have a very positive impact on the patient experience.

Mayo General Hospital