On Friday, March 6th ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet hosted a webinar with Velopi Founder, CEO & Senior Trainer, Seamus Collins on the fundamentals of Project Management entitled How Project Management Can Benefit You and Your Organisation.

Over the course of  the 1 hour-long introduction to project management Seamus outlined the basics and defined what a project is and what project management is. Seamus also discussed some very public project failures and teased out the reasons for these before expanding into how project management helps organisations to avoid disasters.

Webinar Content

  • What is a project?
  • Why projects go wrong – Real-life case studies 
  • What is project management?  –  How does it differ from operational management?
  • Key concepts of project management
    • The Triple Constraint
    • The ten knowledge areas
    • The project lifecycle

Project management is an overhead, but is it a necessary one? According to the Project Management Institute, for every US$1bn spent on projects worldwide, some US$122m is wasted. However, organisations that employ effective project management are seeing 71% of their projects achieving their original goals, versus 52% in places where project management is not a priority. So project management definitely contributes to higher project success rates.

You can browse the slides from the webinar below: