Mike Gaffney from Leap Leadership began his 20 minute webinar by asking people who they admired before digging into the values of ordinary and extra-ordinary people.

In Ireland the arena of ‘Flourishing Mindset’ is lead by Maureen Gaffney in her book ‘Flourishing’ and ‘Flourish’ by Martin Seligman in the US.

People who flourish (or have a pep in their step as they tackle life) generally:

  • Play to their strengths
  • Have sense of purpose
  • Feel free to pursue goals
  • Have strong connectivity
  • Show strong grit and resilience

This can be captured in a series of questions

Sense of Purpose… 

What’s your Journey:

 – Where do you want to be, what do you want to achieve?

 – And what are you doing to get there?


 – Are you giving yourself: the right messages?

 – How good are you at helping others with their challenges?

 Play to Your Strengths…

 – Are you doing enough of what you excel at and enjoy?

All of these are supported by having the ability to get back up again and try life once again.

Commenting on Sense of Purpose Mike explained further using the ‘Wheel of Life’ that portrays and scores at all components of our lives from Busines to Romance.

“Be your best coach, not your worst critic” advised Mike before he left the group to ponder the next steps

  • Clarify which area is easiest for you to address, now
  • Clarify clear outcomes, for that area
  • Go do it….
  • Stick with it….
  • Enjoy it and celebrate along the way

Check the picture for some extra reading.

You can see Mike’s full webinar in the video below.