Webinar Report: Life Tools for Adapting to our New Normal by KD Corporate Wellness

In sharing their own personal stories high performance  and executive coaches Jason Kenny and Declan Dore from KD Corporate Wellness outlined the importance of a positive mental mindset and physical activity in the latest ICBE Lunchtime Bytes webinar called  ‘Life Tools for Adapting to our New Normal’.  

During the 40 minute session they addressed how you can retain a command over the aspects of everyday life that are within your control, and develop coping mechanisms for those that are not.

Looking at the fallout from COVID-19 from the human toll Jason added the incalculable social, economic and political cost before discussing the positives “Now we have a greater appreciation of nature and our landscapes, a proper sense of connection with each other and proof we are resilient and that we always find a way.”

Top of the list of building resilience and survival tips from the speaker was ‘Establishing a Morning Routine’ from stretching, journaling to breathing and hydrating.  “Its all about grounding yourself and starting the day off on a high and making sure you live your world.  When you move around the house, walk with purpose and be thankful for what you have” added Jason.

For those who experience a low in morning, either tired after a nights sleep or uneasy, Declan shared how he tracks backwards to see what he did the night before.  Frequently this can be that he spent time on his phone and was troubled by emails or social media on issues he cannot control.  “I plan a slow down at least an hour before I go to bed” he added.

Journaling was a recurring theme in the advice from the speakers from writing down things to be grateful for, things are that worrying you, an affirmation list on a mirror through to the priority lists of things that need to be done.  “By writing these down the message sinks deeper and you can cast away negative thought by throwing away negative lists” Declan says on the power of capturing and controlling thoughts.

Next up on top tips was reflecting on how we talk to ourselves.  “We all suffer from imposture syndrome and sometimes we can allow our inner critic to dominate, resulting in undue self doubt” warned Jason telling the group that left unchecked the Cortisol hormone it induces can be ‘always left on’. Declan recommend visualisation and speaking to yourself with a focus on healing rather than harm. “Focus on the solution rather than the problem by reframing your inner critic.  Ink it, don’t think it and practice brain dumping to clear your head” said Declan while also suggesting using with breathing exercises to ‘flood the system with calmness’.

Emotional resilience is when you are able to calm your mind after encountering a negative experience. This third tip implies thinking about emotional resilience not as winning a battle but rather as having the inner strength to power through a storm and still keep the sail steady.  

Our emotional state can have a have a big impact on how we treat other around us.  By accepting and embracing gratitude we can appreciate what we have and increase our resilience.  This is easier said than done but establishing boundaries, managing our time effectively and by thinking before reacting (being responsive or reactive) you can free up time for yourself and avoid taking out frustrations on those around you. 

The importance of focusing on what you control and ignoring what you cannot can clear your mind in addition to taking a lot less energy.  “We control how we treat people, whether we hold onto grudges, our actions towards others, our reactions to what others say/do and where we put our energy” said Declan under the categories of treatment, ego, your response, mindset and being productive.

In summary Declan and Jason urged the group to consider “Try to focus on your present actions to stay grounded.  Look inwards instead of outwards to find the things you have control over and be creative rather than being attached to only one outcome”.

Due to demand from the previous wellness webinar series the ICBE will be relaunching its Monday morning series with the first kicking off on Monday 25 for 4 weeks (outside of the June bank holiday).  For more information contact Maeve@icbe.ie for details.

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