Abbott Diabetes Care, Donegal Receives Prestigious Shingo Silver Medallion

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ICBE Member Company Abbott Diabetes Care has been awarded the internationally recognised Shingo Silver Medallion.


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The Shingo Institute, a programme in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Ut ah State University, has awarded Abbott Diabetes Care, Donegal the Shingo Silver Medallion for operational excellence. Abbott is a global healthcare leader that helps people live more fully at all stages of life. The Abbott Donegal site became part of Abbott’s diabetes care business in 2006 and has since produced the worldwide supply of Abbott’s FreeStyle Lite brand of blood glucose strips. Over the past 15 years, the site has experienced significant growth reaching more than 16 billion test strips. The site also introduced the manufacture of the life-enhancing FreeStyle Libre System sensor process in 2019.


“Receipt of the Shingo Silver Medallion signifies not only an organisation’s mastery of tools and techniques, but also that it has developed mature systems for improving an organisation's operations,” said Ken Snyder, executive director at the Shingo Institute.


The site identified the Shingo Model as a platform to guide its implementation of operational excellence strategy and has seen numerous improvements during its journey.

“It is an honour to receive the Shingo Silver Medallion,” said Sean O’Hara, site director at Abbott, Donegal. “Our Shingo journey has given us the confidence to know we are on the right path to organisational excellence, and we plan to continue that journey with our greatest asset—our people.”


By “challenging” or applying for Shingo recognition, organisations invite a group of accomplished professionals and trained examiners to thoroughly review the organisation’s culture and operations. The examiners evaluate the challengers based on a rigorous set of standards and the Shingo Institute awards the organisations according to their assessment results.


Abbott, Donegal, Ireland, received the award at the 34th Annual Shingo Conference Awards Gala in Orlando, Florida, on May 19, 2022.