Industry Led Research

Research driven by member's needs

ICBE collaborates with Universities including Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick and Dublin City University, initiating, coordinating and funding research to benefit our member organisations.


The research gathers practical experience and contextual knowledge from industry professionals, identifies emerging trends and offers practical insights into real-world scenarios, which can be directly applied by our members.


Significant research has been conducted over the last few years into changes in the world of work, including the impact of digital transformation in the workplace.

New study into leadership in Ireland today

Our most recent research investigated the evolving nature of leadership in Ireland and what is expected for the future.  This extensive new study – Sustainable Leadership for a Post-Digital Age – was carried out in collaboration with the Kemmy Business School, U.L. It engaged with 72 top leaders in Ireland, many working in multinationals, and involved both focus groups and in-depth interviews. This report on this study was launched in January 2023.


To access this report download:

Sustainable Leadership for a Post-Digital Age


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