In Conversation with Richard McKeogh

In Conversation with Richard McKeogh, Operations Director, Plant Manager at Stryker Ireland

As part of a new ICBE initiative, with the aim of sharing the thoughts and vision of the Senior Management of our member organisations, Richard McKeogh, Operations Director, Plant Manager at Stryker Ireland was recently interviewed by business journalist, Frank Dillon.

Discussing Stryker Ireland’s competitive advantages, Richard confirmed that Ireland is seen as expert in manufacturing, with a huge talent pool.

We’re not afraid to be at the cutting edge from the point of view of manufacturing….we do try to push boundaries – we automate, we innovate on a daily basis and that’s the space we want to be working in …that’s where our teams want to be

Richard McKeogh

With their people being central to their success, Richard spoke about how Stryker Ireland ensures it is a great place to work, actively supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce, with mentoring and support groups across the organisation.

He also spoke about the importance of ICBE, in terms of sharing learning with other leaders in Ireland, to support their mutual success.

ICBE is a really good example where local leaders get into a room and we talk about our challenges and how we can share and learn from each other. It’s a very open forum … we want to learn from each other, we want to do better, we don’t see ourselves as competitors…We are looking at how we collaborate for the benefit of all…if Ireland manufacturing is seen as good, we’re all seen as good

Richard McKeogh