Call for Support – How It Works

Access the Advice and Learnings of Your Peers

Think of a business challenge you are facing, and imagine being able to put it to a whole panel of business leaders? People who have encountered the same challenge and found solutions. Then think of having the opportunity to ‘give back’ – and share your own learnings and solutions with your peers.

This is what Call for Support is all about – a special ICBE initiative that gives you access to the learnings, knowledge and insights of your greater business community – online, easily, and confidentially. It’s the most effective way of sharing knowledge and experience. Why battle finding solutions to problems others might have already solved – you have the entire network available as your information resource.

How it Works

Step 1 You send a request to ICBE, asking for support from other Member companies. It could be a problem you’re having, a benchmarking query or a recommendation.

Step 2 We send your request, confidentially, to all relevant ICBE Members.

Step 3 Member companies respond with the information they want to share.

Remember - As a company making a Call for Support, your identity is not disclosed. It’s a completely confidential process. If you wish to, you can choose to contact respondents directly with requests for more information.

To enjoy this inclusive benefit, become an ICBE member and join today.