ICBE Member Benefits

A Wealth of Member Benefits

At ICBE, knowledge-sharing takes many forms – from professional training to informal networking. As a Member, you can choose how ICBE works for you, according to your specific business needs:

“We need to learn new and better ways of working.”

Best Practice and Benchmarking Visits

Nothing shows you how to do it better than by seeing how it's done by the best. That’s why one of our most valuable Member benefits is our Benchmarking Visits programme. We organise special trips to Member companies that are exemplary in their systems, processes, people or tools. These national and international day events are invaluable in helping you plot where you are against Member companies of excellence.

How it works?

A Member company agrees to host an ‘open day’ and all ICBE Members are invited to attend. The host company will make a presentation on their operation, or on a topic of interest, then provide a tour of their operation, taking Members to see the relevant departments or functions in action. It could be to demonstrate a specific warehouse inventory system, understanding how their finance department works, or the approach they take to continuous improvement. Whatever it is, it’s an opportunity for you to get in ‘on the ground’, understand the impact specific improvements can have, and find out how others are managing challenges that you also face in your business.

After each presentation and tour, you enjoy the opportunity to find out more about what you’ve seen, as part of a Q and A session, followed by lunch.

At ICBE, we also get excited about the 2-way-street benefits of a Benchmarking Visit: each host company receives feedback from visiting Members, which play a part in their own growth, improvement and development.

What Our Members Say

Judith McMullan, International Operations Manager, Abbott

“We need to develop our people”

Customised Training and Development

The ICBE facilitates and supports training for Member companies, customises learning, and organise apprenticeships – to secure future growth and competitiveness.

Member companies can approach us with their need – be it current or future - and we will link in with agencies, institutions, training providers and other Members to develop bespoke training for them. At the same time, we will offer funding for this training.

Our Members find our training programmes key to helping them shorten the journey from novice to expert, within their organisations.

“We need to be more visible”

Events and Seminars

Our forums, conferences and events give our Members the opportunity to learn and advance their knowledge, while networking at the same time. Each event is enjoyed as a way of meeting those in-the-know, while raising your profile and corporate visibility in the market.

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“We want to keep growing and getting better”

Business Advisory Service

As part of your journey of continuous improvement we can direct you to the appropriate training, learning and other supports.

“We need to future-proof”

Advanced Technology

We pioneer and share access to cutting-edge advancements in technical capabilities – including Robotics, Energy and Simulation.

“We need to research to better understand our market”

Research Connection

At our Members’ requests, we partner with academic institutions such as the University of Limerick and the Irish Manufacturing Research Centre, to commission research on specific topics. To close the learning loop, we can then develop training courses built on the findings of the research and arrange for funding.

“We need to get to grips with the changing work environment”

Specialised Programmes

From practical workshops on Data Visualisation, to an HR Analytics programme to improve the quality of HR decision-making – we work with agencies and institutions to develop customised programmes for our Members.

“We need to invest in training and development while containing costs”

Skillnet Training

We offer access to 3 ICBE Skillnet-funded networks: ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet, ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet and Aviation Skillnet. Our Skillnet Learning Networks can source and part-fund relevant upskilling, where and when you need it.

Member Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased productivity within your business
  • Impartial, reliable advice on real business issues
  • Customised learning to advance and fast-track your people
  • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Plugging into and understanding new technologies and developments
  • Access to research and funding

What Our Members Say

David Dunne, Operations Director, Kerry Foods