Meet the Team


Eamonn Murphy

Managing Director

Professor Emeritus at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at the University of Limerick, Eamonn was instrumental in establishing the ICBE 25 year ago. As a director of the ICBE, he has played a key role in securing more than €6 million in funding for ICBE over the last 4 years.

Eamonn is a non-executive director of IMR, the centre for Advanced Manufacturing Research in Ireland. He is Chairman of Innovate Limerick – a subsidiary of Limerick City and County Councils. Eamonn is also Chairman of Research on the Development and Innovation Board at Limerick Institute of Technology.

A passionate advocate of knowledge-sharing, Eamonn was instrumental in establishing ASSK - a spinout company for University of Limerick that specialises in Tacit Knowledge support for large and small organisations.


"We truly offer a pioneering and cutting-edge support service. We create a safe and confidential environment in which best practice can be explored and shared."

Why Me?

"I have worked hard over the years to build relationships with prominent industry leaders – for the benefit of our members."

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Linda Barron

CEO, ICBE (Irish Centre for Business Excellence)

Introduction: Linda is a seasoned business professional with a strong academic background. With extensive experience in various roles within ICBE, Linda has proven her ability to drive organizational success and foster collaboration. Her dedication to agile connectivity and knowledge-sharing has made her an invaluable asset to the ICBE community.

Professional Experience:

  • CEO, ICBE (2018 - Present): As the CEO, Linda spearheads strategic initiatives, drives organizational growth, and ensures agile connectivity within the ICBE network. She promotes real and trusted knowledge-sharing among members, fostering collaboration and innovation. Linda leads a team of professionals and works closely with stakeholders to enhance business excellence in the industry.
  • Network Manager, Aviation Skillnet Network (2015 - 2018): In this role, Linda facilitated subsidized training and networking events for the Aviation sector. She developed training solutions tailored to industry needs and organized Best Practice Visits to promote knowledge exchange and improvement. Linda played a vital role in enhancing skills and fostering collaboration within the aviation industry.
  • Project Manager, ICBE (2011 - 2015): Linda started her journey at ICBE as a Project Manager. She successfully managed the Business Excellence Skillnet and organized conferences and events for the organization. Her exceptional project management skills and attention to detail contributed to the success of various initiatives.
  • PR Account Director, London (Previous Role): Linda gained international experience while working as a PR Account Director in London. This role provided her with valuable insights into effective communication strategies and stakeholder management.
  • Director, Shannon Courier Service: Linda position at Shannon Courier Service, where she demonstrated her ability to manage operations and drive business growth. Her expertise in logistics and service delivery contributed to the company's success.
  • Midwest Regional Engineering Skillnet: In this role, Linda supported the management of the Midwest Regional Engineering Skillnet, focusing on providing training solutions to the engineering sector. She facilitated collaboration among industry professionals and developed programs to address skill gaps.

Education and Qualifications:

  • Master’s in Business, UCC (2018): Linda completed her Master’s in Business, awarded by the University College Cork. This program, delivered by IMI (Irish Management Institute), further honed her business acumen and leadership skills.
  • UCD Smurfit Executive Coaching 2022 - 2023

Skills and Attributes: Linda brings a unique set of skills and attributes to her role as CEO:

  • Responsive: Linda prioritizes prompt and efficient responses to the needs and challenges faced by ICBE members and stakeholders.
  • Agile: Linda embraces agility in decision-making and adapts to changing industry dynamics, ensuring ICBE remains at the forefront of business excellence.
  • Supportive: Linda fosters a supportive environment within ICBE, empowering members and teams to achieve their full potential.
  • Collaborative: Linda believes in the power of collaboration and actively encourages knowledge-sharing and cooperation among ICBE members.

Why ICBE?  

Linda believes in the core values and purpose of ICBE, stating, "We're about agile connectivity and real, trusted knowledge-sharing." She recognizes the importance of connecting professionals, promoting collaboration, and fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

Why Me?

Linda describes herself as responsive, agile, supportive, and collaborative. Her professional track record, combined with her commitment to ICBE's vision, demonstrates her ability to lead and drive positive change within the organization

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Marie O' Donnell

Accounts Manager

A qualified Accounting Technician, Marie O’Donnell is Accounts Manager at the Irish Centre for Business Excellence (ICBE) – responsible for all finances for both the centre and our Skillnet networks. This includes formulating and reporting on management accounts to our Board of Directors and liaising with each Skillnet Network on all finance-related aspects of the networks.

Marie joined the centre in 2006 and worked as Training, Education and Development Administrator for 3 years, before which she worked as an administrator in the insurance industry.


"The ICBE is about sharing and team spirit. It is responsive, flexible and supportive."

Why Me?

"I bring efficiency and organisation while also being flexible. I’m here to support my team and clients."

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Gráinne Walsh

Network Manager: ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet

Network Manager of ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet, Gráinne’s responsibilities include providing workforce development and knowledge-sharing opportunities for companies – helping them to develop their workforce skills, knowledge and talent. Gráinne also manages customer and other stakeholder relationships & leads initiatives including - the ICBE Lunchtime BIte-Sized Webinar series, transition to interactive website and Member Portal + Communication and Marketing strategy.

Prior to joining ICBE, Gráinne worked as an Editor at Thompson NETg in Limerick. She held the position of Classified Advertising Manager at the Irish Echo Newspaper in New York for 4 years, and she also worked as a Client Manager at The Washington Post Newspaper.

Gráinne completed an MBS in Business Practice in 2019.

Why ICBE? 

"In a word – community. A community of businesses and people who want to share as much as they like to learn. Our agility means we respond to what our members need – we’re always ahead of the game."

Why Me? 

"I’m a tenacious problem-solver; I take ownership and am driven to achieve results. I’m also always curious and eager to learn and develop – the philosophy of ICBE correlates with my own personal values."

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Aidan Kelly

Network Manager: ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet

As ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet Network Manager, Aidan is responsible for promoting, facilitating and funding people development initiatives.

Aidan’s primary objectives are to connect people from a diverse range of organisations so that they can share their knowledge and experience of excellence and best practice, learn from each other, and apply those learnings within their own roles and organisations.

Developing people has always been at the core of Aidan’s work, and his passion for potential has influenced him throughout his career. He has over 15 years’ previous experience in career planning, recruitment, and human resources, and was a Business Manager at Indwell Human Research Management. In this role he focused on recruitment, career progression and Employee Psychometric Analysis.

Aidan is degree qualified – with a BA in European Studies from University of Limerick and post-graduate diplomas in Human Resource Management from University of Limerick and Career Coaching from Technological University Dublin. He also holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies from Nexus Innovation Centre.

Why ICBE? 

"We are the archetypal ‘honest broker’ – guiding and bringing people together to work as a community, in a smart way, for the benefit of all."

Why Me? 

"I combine a no-nonsense commercial focus with real relationship building. I have a passion for developing people and building relationships through innovative, joined-up thinking."


Vivienne Kiernan

Head of Client Engagement

Vivienne is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with ICBE members as well as with key personnel within member organisations. In her role, she manages Call for Support, ICBE's confidential knowledge sharing service and leads many of ICBEs trademark best practice industry visits. Vivienne also manages industry-led research projects with third level institutions and has secured over €300,000 in research funding for ICBE over the last 4 years.

Vivienne’s experience spans 20 years and includes senior management roles in multimedia, eLearning and higher education sectors. Over the years, she has managed many industry-led research projects through academia – such as those within her role of Director of ASSK Analytics - a spin out company from the University of Limerick specialising in tacit knowledge consultancy services.

Why ICBE? 

"The ICBE is response knowledge-sharing at its best. It’s about forward-thinking collaboration that is progressive and independent."

Why Me? 

"To my role I bring extensive management and client management skills. As an independent and strategic thinker, I listen and resolve client/project issues – always understanding and focusing on the needs of the client."

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Kumar Kaneswaran

Network Manager: Aviation Skillnet

Kumar is the Network Manager for Aviation Skillnet, providing support to organizations within the Aviation Industry in talent strategy,  people development and financial support.

He is dedicated to  knowledge sharing, continuous improvement  and fostering relationships among members. Kumar leads initiatives such as the "Future of Women in Aviation" webinar and the ESG program 'Inniu.'

 Kumar's background lies in management and Learning & Development. Before joining ICBE, he managed global L&D teams in the Pharmaceutical, Retail, Tech, and Professional Service sectors internationally. He holds a BSc in Psychology and is currently completing a master’s in organizational psychology with the University of London, leading to a chartered organizational psychologist accreditation.


"ICBE is committed and passionate about providing high-quality client services and knowledge to its members. We encourage knowledge sharing, learning, and employee development, ultimately helping our members resolve some of their most difficult challenges."

Why Me?

"Kumar is passionate about developing people. He believes that a well-educated employee experiences greater job satisfaction and joy in their role, which spills over into personal life and society. He loves to share new ideas, innovate, and collaborate with members and colleagues, aligning strongly with ICBE's value system."


Kate de Courcy

Network Executive: ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet

Kate de Courcy works as a Network Executive at the Centre, co-ordinating training and other events while ensuring all ICBE members are aware of the various activities and services available. Her responsibilities include training, education and development, network and client services. She also takes care of marketing and advertising.

Before joining the ICBE in 2011, Kate worked at the Limerick Independent Newspaper. Prior to this she worked in retail within the cruise ship industry and with Aer Rianta International Duty Free in Moscow.

Why ICBE?  

"We are positive-thinking and fearlessly determined about knowledge-sharing."

Why Me? 

"I’m all about constantly working to a better future – and making it happen from today."


Alison Barry

Network Executive: ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet

Alison Barry is Network Executive for ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet. Her responsibilities include Training and Development as well as managing the network from a client services point of view. Alison is the primary point of contact for many members & also takes care of Accounts and Payroll.

Prior to joining ICBE, Alison worked at Multi Flow Manufacturing for 22 years.


"Easy – we’re the number one support system for our member companies. With a great team of experienced people working for us."

Why Me?

"I’m a reliable, loyal and hard-working team member and I think on my feet."

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Maeve O’Neill

Network Executive: Aviation Skillnet

Maeve is Network Executive for Aviation Skillnet – her responsibilities include co-ordination of training, development and client services within the Network.  Her background is HR and Training, and before joining ICBE, Maeve worked in a Business and Training Services role with Irish Business Training Ltd.  Prior to that she spent 8 years as an HR Officer with Westrock

Why ICBE? 

"Our organisation is about real partnership: supportive and collaborative and combining innovative solutions with a spirit of nurturing."

Why Me? 

"I am personally committed to assisting our member companies to develop and grow. I am proud of the relationships I have fostered with both member companies and training providers alike."

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Colm Breen

Business Support Administrator

In his capacity as Business Support Administrator at the Irish Centre for Business Excellence, Colm is dedicated to refining procurement methodologies and enhancing engagement with stakeholders. His responsibilities encompass steering the procurement activities of all three Skillnets in alignment with both public procurement legislations and Skillnet best practices while spearheading the innovative adoption of AI to optimize these processes.

Additionally, Colm supports the Head of Customer Engagement in various customer Membership focused initiatives, thereby nurturing an environment conducive to business excellence and innovation.

Colm's professional journey spans across sectors including online media, finance, and SME management, showcasing his versatility built up across a number of industries. His expertise is further evidenced by his role in evolving procurement through strategic initiatives and AI applications. Holding a Master’s Degree in International Entrepreneurship Management from the University of Limerick and a BA in Financial Services from WIT, Colm has consistently leveraged his comprehensive skill set to navigate and manage complex business challenges effectively.

Why ICBE? 

"The ICBE represents a unique convergence of collaboration and innovation, fostering a knowledge-sharing culture that benefits all stakeholders."

Why Me? 

"My diverse background and commitment to excellence underpin my approach to procurement and customer service, ensuring that ICBE remains at the forefront of business excellence and innovation."