Shingo is a premier award for enterprise excellence and represents the gold standard in the measurement of continuous improvement within organisations. Unique in nature, it sets rigorous standards and recognises only those enterprises that display a willingness to share knowledge with others… To link up and collaborate with fellow organisations, exchange learnings and ideas, for the benefit of all.

In the past few years, 11 Irish companies have been awarded Shingo status and the country has the highest number of Shingo Prize and Shingo Medallion winners. In addition, we at the ICBE are exceptionally proud that our organisation has played a key role in helping its Members pursue this esteemed accolade - introducing them to the Shingo Model as part of their pursuit of business excellence. It speaks volumes that all Irish recipients of Shingo prizes are either past or current members of the ICBE.

ICBE Board Member Kieran Noonan is also an Enterprise Excellence Shingo Examiner, while Shingo examiners regularly visit Ireland.

Shingo was named after its founder, Shigeo Shingo (新郷 重夫) – a Japanese industrial engineer who was considered the world’s leading expert on manufacturing practices and the Toyota Production System. As a business philosophy, it is built on four basic dimensions:

  • People
  • Continual process improvement
  • Enterprise alignment to make sure everyone is bound by a common purpose
  • Results

The Prize is based on a complete assessment of an organisation’s culture and how well it drives world-class results. Examiners observe behaviour and rate the frequency, duration, intensity and scope of the required principle-based behaviour. They look at how managers focus on principles and culture, and how well systems are aligned with ideal behaviours.

Shingo is totally unique in the world and is the most rigorous way to determine whether an organization is fundamentally improving for the long-term. Shingo recognises organisations in these three categories:

Shingo Prize – a worldwide recognised symbol of an organisation’s successful establishment of a culture that fosters the principles of enterprise excellence.

Shingo Silver Medallion – awarded to organisations that are maturing on their learning journey, with the tools and systems to back this up.

Shingo Bronze Medallion – awarded to organizations in the earlier stages of cultural transformation, with a primary focus on tools and systems for improvement.