Membership Benefits

Why Join ICBE?

ICBE offers its members a unique platform, and a portfolio of Member benefits, which allow them to source and share knowledge and best practice across all aspects of business.

Shared Expertise

To bring our members the very best in thought leadership, we organise conferences, workshops and seminars, addressing current topics of interest our member companies. Recent topics include collaboration & innovation, ESG, AI, advanced manufacturing and the changing face of Leadership.

Performance Empowerment

To help Members optimise their business performance, we offer access to 3 ICBE Skillnet funded networks. We partner with world class trainers and offer subsidised, best-in- class learning and development programmes.

Deeper Learning

To facilitate learning at a deeper level we offer webinars delivered by leading experts, providing masterclasses across a variety of subjects, to support the professional development and operational excellence of our members.

Access to Best Practice

We organise benchmarking visits to exemplary companies in Ireland and abroad. Host companies demonstrate how they’re delivering excellence in their processes and business functions: learning opportunities that allow Members to plot their own progress against best practice.

Direct Solutions

Our innovative Call for Support process helps member companies access the knowledge, insights  and recommendations of the member community. Members use the closed forum to ask for assistance in a specific area and benefit from pragmatic, experience-based solutions to improve their own processes and structures, while saving time, cost and effort.

Access to the latest Research

Our research programme collaborates with leading universities to carry out research on behalf of our members. Research is industry-led and is focussed on helping to chart a route forward for Member companies.

Award-Winning Excellence

Through the support of our organisation, Ireland has achieved the largest number of Shingo Award winners, with examiners represented on our board.

Member Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased productivity within your business
  • Impartial, reliable advice on real business issues
  • Customised learning to advance and fast-track your people
  • Valuable networking opportunities
  • Plugging into and understanding new technologies and developments
  • Access to research and funding

What Our Members Say