Partner with ICBE

A Strategic Alliance

Better together is at the very heart of the Irish Centre for Business Excellence. Companies can no longer operate in isolation. We know that some of the most successful organisations in the world are those who share, collaborate and practice exchange of ideas. That’s why for 25 years we’ve been helping to fuel the growth of Irish companies through knowledge sharing. Each of our members is committed to sharing their best business practice, skills and expertise for the benefit of all - to build stronger companies and forge Ireland's competitive future on the global stage.

The Opportunity

Today we are ready to take our spirit of collaboration to the next level, giving your organisation the opportunity to partner with us. We're excited to work with likeminded companies, those who are aligned with our ethos, to back our bespoke training, conferences and ongoing industry events - creating mutually-beneficial opportunities.


This means valuable exposure, visibility and promotion for your business - but it's so much more than that. This is the opportunity for your organisation to play an active role in the revolution of knowledge sharing; a means of helping shape the growth of Irish companies on a global level and establish Ireland as a centre of industry excellence.


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