Bausch + Lomb invests €90M in Waterford adding 130 additional jobs

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‘We at the Irish Centre for Business Excellence are delighted with Bausch + Lomb announcing further investment and expansion in state of the art technology, Bausch + Lomb are a core member of the ICBE and we have partnered with them on their Learning to Grow journey into the Digital Transformation environment.


Bausch + Lomb also recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Bausch + Lomb Waterford, and the decision to make this significant investment in Waterford was influenced by their track record in providing high-quality products and excellent customer service to markets around the globe.


Further investment and expansion in state of the art technology at the Waterford complex is great news for Bausch + Lomb and a real recognition of all the fantastic work the team here have done.  This is now the third significant investment made at the site in recent years, which as a total will be over €400 million – a real recognition for the team at the site and for Ireland as being a centre of excellence for so many companies.

I also recognise the great support ICBE gives to us in both the Enterprise Excellence journey with their Shingo Partnership and also with the focus on Digital Transformation, which is so relevant to where the site is today and the next phase we are moving to.  Being part of the ICBE Network and having the opportunity to share and learn with so many companies has really supported our overall journey in Bausch + Lomb.  Building on real best practices and being inspired by the journeys of others has been truly valuable.

Kieran Noonan, Site Director of Operations and Global Enterprise Excellence, Bausch + Lomb